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The Perfect Eco-conscious Christmas Gift

Calling all sustainable fashion lovers and eco conscious customers looking for a unique gift idea!

Laura Zabo, London based fashion accessories designer, has drawn on not only her own lifestyle choices but also her life experiences to inspire her remarkable creations of handmade fashion accessories.

eco-conscious gift

Working with recycled bike tyres and inner tubes, Laura has saved much waste from future landfill and turned it into a visually stunning and environmentally focused selection of accessories, including: belts for both men and women, statement necklaces, beautiful earrings and bracelets.

Zabo creations are in serious demand, particularly with vegetarians, vegans, cyclists and fashion lovers who appreciate the innovative idea, as well as desire sustainable statement accessories. Laura Zabo appeals to those who do not want to betray their principles when it comes to fashion – but who also want durability, comfort and a strong image.

eco-conscious gift

Laura Zabo’s business was born in 2015 after she visited the beautiful country of Tanzania, and discovered some brightly painted sandals made by the Maasai from used car tyres. Zabo realised the opportunity in tyre upcycling , as it not only offers free materials for a start up business, but also offers a business venture with a mission, and passion.

Today she creates every item in her London city studio, where she saves hundreds of scrap rubber from landfill. Zabo items are perfect for the urban warrior, who desire to stand out and are passionate for the environment.

Shop sustainable, shop eco, shop Zabo.

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