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Easter Gifts for Perfect Picnics

Introducing exquisite Easter picnic gifts, crafted with simplicity and elegance right here in the UK.

Experience outdoor comfort like never before with Heating & Plumbing London Easter picnic blanket collection. Whether lounging in a park, a garden, the countryside, or even on the sandy shores of a beach, our blankets are designed for relaxation.

Heating & Plumbing London have taken the traditional herringbone design and given it a contemporary twist, resulting in a large, eye-catching motif that will make Easter picnics or gatherings extra special.

At the heart of our collection is a commitment to comfort and durability. Heating & Plumbing London believe in keeping things practical, so all picnic blankets come with a waterproof backing. No need to worry about damp grass or unexpected spills ruining the day!

Plus, Heating & Plumbing London have added a long shoulder carrying strap for hands-free flexibility, making it a breeze to transport the blankets.

To pay homage to the places that inspire us and hold a special place in our hearts, Heating & Plumbing London have named each blanket after quintessentially British locations that we adore.

The Blenheim

Heating & Plumbing London

Smart, understated and calming, is how we wanted this picnic blanket to be. The soft stone blanket is backed with a rich brown waterproof backing and a black hand-made leather shoulder strap. Release date 1st February 2024.

Heating & Plumbing London

Somerset Dusk

Heating & Plumbing London

Happy, joyful & inviting is what we had in mind when we designed this picnic blanket! It brings a smile to our face every time we see it!

Heating & Plumbing London

Gorgeous tangerine is combined with a dark grey waterproof backing and a hand-made black leather shoulder strap. Release date 1st February 2024.

Cornish Cove

Heating & Plumbing London

Costal, refreshing & tranquil is the essence of this picnic blanket. The Ocean blue pure new wool is backed with dark grey waterproof backing matched with a long black shoulder carrying strap. Release date 1st February 2024.

Heating & Plumbing London

Heating & Plumbing London pure new wool outdoor rugs are lined with waterproof backing and come with handmade leather carrying strap. The blankets are large enough for several adults!

All Heating & Plumbing London picnic blankets & leather straps are made in the UK.

You can discover the full collection at Heating & Plumbing London website.

Heating & Plumbing London creates beautiful lifestyle accessories to keep you warm, dry & cosy. No matter what’s going on in your busy life or how the weather might surprise you, our colourful designs and touchy-feely materials will bring back a smile to your face and a spring in your step.

The idea of the brand came about on a chilly day in November 2016, whilst strolling along the Thames. The day turned out to be colder than expected and we started longing for a cosy fireplace, warm blankets and snug socks. And, just as it began raining, a heating & plumbing van parked in front of us, and voilà: the brand was born.

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