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Get Fit In Style | 6 Ways To Revamp Your Home Gym

It’s the new year – which means new beginnings and the motivation to improve our health and well-being. Many of us are setting fitness goals, aiming to incorporate a more active and healthy lifestyle into our daily routine.

However, the journey to a fitter self isn’t just about the physical effort; it’s also about creating an environment that inspires and supports your goals.


That’s where Feathr comes in – with its stunning range of artist-designed wallpapers, you can transform your home gym into a space that motivates you to move, sweat, and achieve your fitness resolutions.

Let’s dive into Feathr’s 6 top ways to revamp your home gym for a new you this new year.

Set the Tone with a Wallpaper With Color and Energy


With its soft hues and delicate floral design, the Essence Joy ombre wallpaper suggests a space for gentle movement and mindfulness. Select equipment with curved lines and organic shapes to harmonize with the wallpaper’s femininity.

Use pastel-colored gym mats and accessories to complement the wallpaper, and choose light wood or white finishes for any cabinetry or shelving.

Soften the space with plush towels and cushions for stretching or meditation areas, and consider using aromatherapy with gentle scents like lavender to enhance the tranquil atmosphere.

Create a Focal Point With a Nature Wallpaper


The Volterra Olive chinoiserie wall mural with its nature-inspired motifs is perfect for bringing the outdoors inside.

To style your home gym, pair this wallpaper with sustainable materials and a color palette that echoes the outdoors—think warm wood tones and shades of green and terracotta.

For flooring, consider a green or brown eco-friendly rubber mat that complements the wallpaper.

Add texture with woven baskets for storing gym towels or yoga mats, and complete the look with a few potted plants that will thrive in your workout space’s light conditions. These elements together will create an oasis that is both calming and energizing, ideal for a holistic workout experience.

Get the Energy of the Ocean with Sea & Beach Wallpapers


The coastal calm of the Island Life sea wallpaper mural is your ticket to a home gym that doubles as a stress-free sanctuary. Use this wallpaper to set the tone for a space that feels light and airy.

Incorporate decor in shades of blue, sandy beige, and white to mimic the beach and sea.

For a cohesive look, select gym equipment in white or metallic finishes that won’t clash with the serene setting. Maximizing natural light with sheer window treatments can amplify the coastal feel, and consider an accent wall with the wallpaper to serve as the focal point.

Think about including elements like a water feature or sounds of the ocean to complete your coastal gym vibe.

Calm Wallpaper for Cool Downs


The Fabula Sand abstract wallpaper presents a perfect opportunity to introduce geometric design into your home gym. The key is to balance the strong patterns with solid colors in your gym equipment and accessories.

Opt for minimalist designs that don’t compete with the wallpaper’s statement. Storage solutions like cube shelving can echo the geometric theme while keeping the space organized.

For a modern touch, incorporate smart lighting that can change color and intensity to match the energy of your workouts or to cool down during yoga sessions.

Motivate with Modern Art Wall Murals


The Oh La La Ice shabby chic wallpaper, with its abstract ice-like patterns, is ideal for a sleek, contemporary home gym.

Mirror the cool tones of the wallpaper with chrome or silver-finished equipment. Keep the space uncluttered with minimalist furniture and hidden storage.

Use modern materials like frosted glass for partitions or acrylic for shelves to reinforce the contemporary theme. LED strip lighting can be placed around the room to mimic the wallpaper’s ethereal glow, creating an energizing environment suitable for high-intensity workouts.

Get Powered Up By Bold Marble Wallpapers


The Cotswolds marble wallpaper evokes the rustic elegance of English countryside cottages, perfect for a home gym with character. Style the room with natural stone or wood-look flooring to complement the earthy tones of the wallpaper.


Equipment made from or finished in natural materials, like leather or untreated metal, can add to the rustic charm.

Exposed beams or a wooden accent wall can reinforce the rural aesthetic. Incorporate vintage or antique decor pieces, like an old farmhouse bench for sitting or storing weights, to marry function with the old-world style.

The Time To Start Is Today

If you feel inspired, then the time to start designing and exercising is today! Let the space speak to you and guide you in designing a home gym that is not just about sweat and strength – but also about style and self-expression!

Nordic interiors brand Feathr is The Home of Artisan Wallpaper. Feathr provides a marketplace for artists to monetise their artworks as wallpapers, wall murals and fabrics, with a growing collection of 1,300 artworks ready to use.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland since 2015, Feathr has been a constant innovator in the interiors sector: pioneering digital printing, just-in-time production, artificial intelligence services and metaverse experiences. Feathr wallpapers and fabrics are sold worldwide and printed on demand in France, the UK and the Netherlands.

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