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Over 100 NEW PRODUCTS at Expert Verdict

Celebrate the new season and beautiful autumnal hues (and unpredictable weather) with these new products. Shop here at Expert Verdict – hurry, while stocks last!

NiteSafe Wireless Battery-Operated Security PIR Floodlight

NiteSafe Wireless Battery-Operated Security PIR FloodlightJust like the wired versions but totally cordless, this twin security flood light can be installed in minutes. You can mount it almost anywhere, on the outside of your house to welcome visitors and deter intruders, or in your shed, garage or porch. Online Price £29.95

Warmlite Portable Flame-Effect Heater

Warmlite Portable Flame-Effect HeaterThis portable mini flame-effect heater lets you enjoy the cosy warmth of glowing coals and flickering flames in any room, any time. The space-age design features the latest optical technology to create the illusion of a warm coal fire. If you never thought a heater could be stylish, think again! Online Price £69.95

Engineering Makerspace Alien Robots

Engineering Makerspace Alien RobotsThis Makerspace kit lets you create all kinds of alien robots. Everything from a creepy, slithering alien Snake-bot with rotating arms and articulated tail. Online Price £29.95

Remote Control Motion Robot

Remote Control Motion RobotThis clever, motion-controlled robot talks, walks, sings and dances. He’ll even respond to hand gestures, tracking your hand and following it as you move. Online Price £34.95

Akai Micro Hi-Fi Music System with DAB Radio and Bluetooth

Akai Micro Hi-Fi Music System with DAB Radio and BluetoothIf space is at a premium, you can still enjoy high-quality sound with this micro-sized music system. It plays CDs and DAB/FM/AM stereo broadcasts, pairs with your Bluetooth devices to play music stored on your phone, tablet or laptop, and has a USB port and SD card slot for MP3 files. Online Price £149.95

Lightweight Inflatable Heated Hot Tub Spa with Remote Control

Lightweight Inflatable Heated Hot Tub Spa with Remote ControlHeated hot tubs or spas used to be an extravagance only the rich could afford, but now you can treat yourself whilst avoiding any installation costs. Online Price £549.95

One Power Reading Glasses

One Power Reading GlassesOne Power Readers take the guesswork out of buying reading glasses because they have no fixed power. Instead, they use ‘Flex Focus Optic’ science to give each lens a range of corrections from +1.3 to +3.25, so they give you the ‘just right’ individual focus you need at any given time. Online Price £14.95

MonoPix Smartphone Adaptor Monocular

MonoPix Smartphone Adaptor MonocularThe MonoPix allows you to take fantastic close-ups with your smartphone. It’s a monocular with retro-fitted adaptor that’s adjustable to fit most smartphones, including dual-camera models. Online Price £99.95

Triple Security Anti-Theft Backpack Rucksack

Triple Security Anti-Theft Backpack RucksackThe Best Buy, this anti-theft backpack is designed to protect your belongings from pickpockets, bag grabbers and skimmers. Online Price £29.95

Wahl Lifeproof Rechargeable Shaver

Wahl Lifeproof Rechargeable ShaverWahl’s Lifeproof shaver is so tough it’s practically indestructible, but it’s also tough on stubble. Wide triple-cut precision blades enable quick and easy detailing, while the flexing foils glide over contours for a more comfortable shave. Online Price £74.95

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