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Quiet Mothers Day – 10 Gift Ideas for Mums who deserve a bit of Quiet… isn’t that All of Them?!

In 2020, we celebrated Mother’s Day on 22nd March, a day later the UK went into a full lockdown. This year, on 14th March 2021, we will celebrate the first Mother’s Day during a global pandemic, which has radically transformed our lives. In its modern form, Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years – honouring the strength and resilience of all of the mums everywhere.

Of course, motherhood is filled with abundant joy, but as we are getting used to this new normal, many households are also faced with the aditional challenge of juggling working from home, homeschooling and maintaining the home all whilst trying to preserve a sense of normalcy and stability. That’s why it is important, more now than ever, to show mum our love, gratitude and kindness.

Here is a list of 10 Quiet Mark certified gift ideas for a mum that deserves a bit of peace and quiet… and let’s face it… that’s all of them, isn’t it?!

Sage Tea Maker™ Kettle

Different tea varietals require different temperatures and steeping times to bring out their unique flavours and aromas. Simply press a button and watch as the basket descends gracefully into the water. Set the timer and wake up to your favourite brew.

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700FM

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700FM is one of Lumie’s newly updated top-of-the range Bodyclock sleep/wake-up lights, featuring high quality audio with FM radio, Bluetooth speakers, and a selection of over 20 sleep/wake sounds. Other features include low-blue light to be non-alerting at bedtime, fully adjustable bedside lighting, a glass lamp cover; auto-dimming display; sunrise and sunset from 15 to 90 minutes; a nightlight setting; 7-day alarm; dimmable bedside lighting; tap-control snooze; power failure back-up.

Stihl HSA 26 Cordless Shrub/Grass Shears

The HSA 26 battery-powered handheld shrub shears are brilliant for use in small and large gardens alike, as they make pruning small-leaved trees and shrubs so easy!

With plenty of power, the HSA 26 delivers a precise, clean finish when maintaining topiary or hedges using the shrub blades. The teeth on the shrub blade are specially shaped to hold the branches in the cut for a neat cut.

The HSA 26 also comes with an interchangeable grass trimming blade, which is quick and easy to switch over, and is perfect for quickly tidying up lawn edges. It all comes in a handy canvas case to conveniently carry and store the shears, both blades, the battery and the charger.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 Air Purifier Fan

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is a multifunctional purifier that can be used to cool or heat a room using purified air. The product is designed to take in dirty air, clean it and then project clean air around the room.

With 10 fan speeds it can be used as a traditional fan would be to cool a room. It also features heater capabilities. Simply set the thermostat in the product to the desired temperature and the machine will automatically turn on and off to maintain the temperature.

It features a fully-sealed filter system that incorporates HEPA media and activated carbon to capture 99.97% of pollutants, particles, gases and odors as small as 0.3 microns.

Using Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool projects clean air to every corner of the room. By circulating the clean air into the room, the dirty air is pushed back toward the machine for purification.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is connected via the Dyson Link App. Via the app you’re able to control the fan speed, turn the machine on and off and check your air quality levels (among other things).

A new LCD screen on the front of the machine shows you your air quality in real time. When a pollution event occurs (i.e., cooking, spraying hairspray, etc.) the purifier will show the spike in pollutants. In auto mode, the purifier will also automatically draw in more air and push out more clean air for faster purification to rid the room of the pollutants.

Backward airflow mode projects air through the back of the machine, while maintaining effective purification, allowing you to use the product even when you don’t want the cooling/heating.

Kenwood kMix Editions KMX760

The kMix Editions KMX760 stand mixer combines striking modern design with uncompromised everyday performance that you’d expect from a Kenwood product. Its luxurious style and sophistication will be an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. The kMix Editions range has been designed and engineered to be an amazing addition to your kitchen. Bringing you the great performance and design from the current kMix stand mixer, with a premium finish, easy to clean stainless steel bowl tools and Quiet Mark status. Kenwood customers love baking, this kMix machine is there to inspire and deliver the best results possible.

Kenwood believe in taking pleasure in the process when baking. kMix Editions is the quietest kMix stand mixer in their range, ensuring your time spent in the kitchen is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7300

The new Philips Sonicare ExpertClean features a powerful yet gentle DeepClean+ mode combined with a progress report that puts you in control of your oral health in between dentist visits. Now, you can get that professional clean feeling every day at home.
How does Quiet Mark assess its products?

Quiet Mark leads its definitive acoustic measurement system engaging with specialist acoustic teams conducting assessments of declared technical test data, and acoustic measurement of products in the purpose-built Quiet Mark test laboratory and specialist acoustic lab partners for specific product categories.

​Acoustic product data is compared like for like in each category triangulating the core performance data of the product with its acoustic performance. From a comprehensive data set of a selection of current comparable market samples for each category, between 10% to 20% of the quietest best performing products are awarded Quiet Mark certification. Each product category is re-evaluated annually to reflect new models coming on to the market.

Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

The Melitta® Barista TS Smart® can really do a lot. For example, it can make 21 different coffee specialities. With the right coffee beans, according to the original recipe or your own personal creation.

A special highlight: With the Melitta® Connect app you are able to steer the preparation of coffee and manage many other features really simply with your smart phone.

Dyson HD01 & HD02 Supersonic Hair Dryer

Hair dryer design hasn’t fundamentally changed since the 1960s. Most still use large, bulky motors that can only fit in the head of the machine. The Dyson Supersonic™ is different. It’s re-thought. It’s small yet powerful digital motor sits in the handle, completely changing the way it works.

A glass bead thermistor measures the air temperature 20 times per second, guarding against extreme heat damage to protect natural shine.

The heart of the machine is the small and powerful digital V9 motor for fast drying. Conventional motors can be slow as 12,000RPM. The Dyson V9 motor is fast, at 110,000RPM, moving 13L of air each second to create a controlled, high velocity airflow.

It’s engineered for balance, with a motor that sits in the handle, for a new kind of drying experience.

It’s acoustically tuned for conversation. The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency. And it’s enveloped by a vibration reduction system, further reducing the transfer of noise between the motor and the case.

Magimix Juice Expert 3

For juice-lovers everywhere. Make juices, smoothies, plant-based milks and freshly squeezed citrus juices with ease. Using cold press technology, the Juice Expert 3 has shown to retain more vitamins and minerals alongside extracting higher yield with lower oxidation. The Magimix Juice Expert 3 is the ultimate juicer taking up little worktop space but containing a powerful and versatile machine.

3 capabilities in 1 powerful machine:

  • Juice Filter XL: For perfectly pure and clear juices
  • Extra Press XL: For deliciously smooth juices, milks and smoothies
  • Citrus Press and pulp system: For freshly squeezed juice with or without the pulp

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-700 Series

Created for experienced pianists and beginners alike, this exquisite new Yamaha Clavinova CLP-700 series offers endless opportunities for learning, creative musical expression and simple fun. The new instruments come with a maximum of natural playability, complete with the breath-taking sound quality that Yamaha has achieved through decades of acoustic concert piano craftsmanship.

The new CLP-700 series offers all players an unforgettable, concert grand piano experience, while also being much more than just an alternative to an acoustic instrument. This innovative technology conveys a sense of space as if not wearing headphones at all and offers hours of musical fun while providing hearing protection even with louder volumes.

Why Quiet Mark?

“I couldn’t hear my baby crying over the noise of the hairdryer”

The damaging effect of excessive noise on health, productivity and social cohesion is seriously underestimated. World Health Organisation research shows that environmental noise pollution affects mental and physical health and is now second only to air pollution as the world’s largest killer pollutant. Across an estimated population of 340 million people, at least 1 million years of healthy living are lost each year due to noise pollution in Western Europe.

In our fast-paced lives, vibrancy is exciting and necessary. But this heightened state can only be valued if there is also the opportunity to choose the alternatives of calm, quiet and the chance to switch off. Quiet Mark was established to provide a credible, independent scheme that would help consumers easily identify quieter products for the home, at work and for public spaces.

Quiet Mark is the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est. 1959). Conducting expert acoustic testing and verification of products Quiet Mark has over the past 9 years driven change in manufacturing worldwide to prioritise noise reduction within the design of everyday machines, appliances, technologies and house build materials, creating the first one-stop platform for third-party approved noise reduction solutions for every living space to health and well-being.

Through specialist acoustic measurement and product assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in over 70 product categories giving consumers and trade buyers a more informed choice about the sound levels of the products they buy. The Quiet Mark scheme drives designers and manufacturers to reduce sound levels of their products enabling households and workplaces to rebalance the soundscape reducing stressful unwanted noise.

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