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Say Goodbye to Paywalls. Say Hello to Community owned AI

In a move that promises to democratise access to artificial intelligence (AI), officially launched on May 4th. This groundbreaking AI platform offers an unprecedented level of power and flexibility, making it accessible to everyone in the world – without a single penny spent.

What sets apart from its competitors is its commitment to transparency and user empowerment.

Unlike other AI assistants that lock away their most powerful features behind paywalls, provides all the same capabilities – at no cost to the everyday user and is there to put the power of GenAI back into the hands of the community and be powered by the Community.

Community-Driven AI is driven by a community-led approach, empowering users to unlock their creative potential through generative AI. Whether they’re a writer seeking inspiration, a researcher looking for new insights, or simply someone who wants to harness the power of AI in their personal life – has been designed for everyone.

The platform’s foundation is built on transparency and responsiveness to community needs without paywalls.

From its inception, harnessed both proprietary GenAI solutions from leading US tech firms and open-source AI models, ensuring that it meets its commitment to openness and innovation from day one.

New Features Released Weekly

Starting at launch, will introduce new large language models and enhanced features weekly. The platform ensures full transparency by making all paywalls release plans available to the community.

This allows users to stay informed, vote on upcoming features, and contribute suggestions, fostering a truly interactive and responsive AI development environment.

Some of the features that will be there on launch day, or coming over the next few weeks will be:

  • Vault: Store and analyse your documents, presentations, and digital media files for text conversion, summarization, translation, and more.
  • AI Agents: Leverage multiple AI agents that can work together to complete complex tasks and queries – including cross-referencing information across multiple websites and documents.
  • Image Analysis: Upload an image and ask Scarif to describe what it’s showing.
  • Audio/Video Analysis: Upload audio or video files, and Scarif can convert them to text, summarise them, or provide a real-time description of what they’re showing.

Get Ready to Experience the Future of AI

Andrew Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at, said: “We’re not just another AI platform. We’re a platform that believes in empowering users with the power of generative AI. Our unique approach allows you to choose from multiple large language models – including those used by our competitors.”

“We created to democratise access to advanced AI tools, enabling anyone globally to explore and harness this transformative technology, regardless of their financial means.

By integrating open-source tools, we channel the innovation and enthusiasm of the open-source community, making these powerful resources accessible to all users.”

This press release was made possible with the innovative assistance of Initially drafted by human writers, the release was further refined using Scarif’s cutting-edge capabilities to enhance the final draft.

Additionally, Scarif was also employed to generate the accompanying image that has gone out with this press release, bringing a new level of visual sophistication and impact to the overall announcement.

By combining human creativity with artificial intelligence’s ability to optimise language and visuals, the Scarif team is proud to present a press release that showcases the best of both worlds.

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