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Steps to Change Your Name with a Deed Poll

Some people have a penchant for changing their names legally. A few reasons that motivate such people to change their names can be marriage, divorce or change of religion. Then there are people who don’t like the name they were given after birth, dislike the way it’s spelt or just want a new identity, which pushes them to rechristen themselves.

Whatever the reason is, opting for a change of name conventionally requires a lawyer to carry out legal procedures and paperwork. However, if you are in the UK, you’ll have it much easier to change your name legally; what’s more, it won’t turn out to be a costly affair as well. In case you do wish to have a new name, approaching experts such as the UK Deed Poll Office is the perfect way to go for it. Streamlined Procedure for Changing your Name through Services like the UK Deed Poll Office.

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Simply follow the procedure given below to change your name  with the help of such services:

  • Apply for an Adult or Child Deed Poll by filling up an online application form
  • Get the deed processed within 24 hours and ensure it’s delivered to you through the first class post
  • Sign and witness the physical deed Poll and duplicate copies upon receiving the deed
  • Submit the deed poll to different legal agencies such as the HM Passport Office, DVLA and banks

What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is an important part of the official procedure for changing the name in the UK. There is no official government office in the country commissioned to conduct the name changing charge. It is a deed poll that acts as a solution to this lacuna. It is officially a legal document that authenticates your new name and also lets you update your official documents.

Further, a deed poll acts as official evidence of your new name and states the date from which you use your new name. A deed poll doesn’t obligate you to hire lawyers or make trips to the court that are often expensive.

A deed poll is mandatory for changing your name unless it occurs after marriage or divorce in the UK. It is required for the following cases:

  • Changing name after going for gender change
  • To make a fresh start after a certain phase in your life
  • Adopt a new religion or culture
  • Assume a new identity with a new name
  • Start a new life and shed the past of criminal record

Which names are not allowed for a name change through deed poll?

A few constrictions are to be adhered to by individuals applying for a deed poll to change their names. The applicant is not allowed to choose names that:

  • Are obscene or discourteous
  • Endorse criminal or unlawful activities
  •  Can be misused to commit fraud
  • Are racist or offend certain groups or institutions
  • Are numbers, invented punctuations or symbols
  • Happen to be a title for a name- accepted titles in Britain such as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, etc.
  • Are trademarked names or names (single) of celebrities that happen to be brands in themselves. In such cases, even if a deed poll is issued, it is unlikely to be accepted by official institutions.


Choose a name that will be sanctioned at prospective record-holders in the UK such as:

  • The HM Passport Office
  • DVLA, Banks, Building societies
  • HM Land Registry
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • The Department for Work & Pensions
  • Credit Card providers
  • Utility companies such as water, electricity and gas
  • Employer/s (current and past)
  • Insurance companies
  • Service providers (e.g. telephone, mobile phone, cable TV, broadband, etc.)

Usually, agencies like the UK Deed Poll Office offer a complete list of agencies with the deed poll. Please note here that you might need a copy of a deed poll for each service you avail of.

Are enrolled Deed Poll and a regular Deed Poll the same?

An enrolled deed poll is basically a copy of your deed poll that is preserved as records of Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. After five to 10 years, this deed poll will be transferred to the National Archives at Kew, Surrey.


An enrolled deed poll gives you the advantage of having your new name published in the digital and print copy of the London Gazette.

Further, it is not mandatory to have an enrolled deed poll to change your name legally. You won’t have any impediment if you apply for a name change with a regular deed poll.

Can I change my name without paying money?

You have the choice of opting for a free deed poll that will save what you’d be paying a professional agency. This option takes more time for processing and entails payment of some fees for paper and ink used for printing the document. Free deed polls are not accepted in all government offices as they don’t look professional. What’s more,  certain government agencies can even dismiss free deed polls is invalid.

In contrast, a paid deed poll is easy to create. All you have to do is provide relevant information and your new name. An agency like the UK Deed Poll Office will carry out the rest of the procedure. Such agencies have a deed poll format that is accepted unfailingly at every official institution, even HM Passport Office. A paid deed poll agency uses high-quality paper and official seal stamps on the deed poll, which makes it look professional. Getting a paid deed poll is also time-saving. Once you file an application, most agencies process it within 24 hours and send it via first class post.


Changing your name is assuredly a simple and secure process as it’s done online and secure payment method is used. You need to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the necessary paperwork so that your new name is valid at all institutions and agencies.

For that, it’s advisable to first research about the overall consequences of changing your name. Also, you must procure a sufficient number of copies of the documents from a deed poll agency so you have them in sufficient numbers to share as proof with other agencies.

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