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What is the Difference between Maintenance of Gas Appliances and checking the Gas Safety?

In the past, we at in landlord certificates that people often make the mistake of thinking that maintaining a boiler is the equivalent of gas safety check. This is actually not the case, although services may be part of a gas safety audit.

It is important to note that the only persons authorized by law to conduct gas safety inspections and maintenance of gas appliances are engineers who are listed in the gas safety register and are authorized to perform these activities.

What are gas safety checks?

During gas safety audits, gas safety engineers check the operation of the instrument in the following four ways:

• They check that the protective devices are in good condition.
• They check that the appliance does not let off harmful gases and combustion by-products, but throws it into the open air.
• They check the correct working pressure of the device, if it is correctly and correctly burned gas.
• They check the ducts of ventilation are clean and efficient.


While gas safety checks in all buildings are highly recommended, landlords are required by law to perform these checks every year. They must also receive a Gas Safety Certificate London and present it to their tenants.

What is the difference between maintenance of gas appliances and checking the gas safety?

Engineers don’t have to provide CP12 to people when completing a gas safety audit, so homeowners should make sure they receive CP12 before paying the engineer.

What are gas appliances?

Services such as tasks such as maintenance of boilers and gas appliances are a more detailed and comprehensive way of ensuring the safety of appliances. This number of parts is achieved by more thorough checking of the internal components of the appliance, by removing the gas appliance cover, disassembling the appliance and thorough inspection of each component. This allows for a much more thorough check of the safety and internal operation of the device.

Engineers can then clean the components of the device and check the chimneys, vents, pipes, and everything else for signs of ventilation. Then they will check the operation of the device and in most cases eliminate any problems that arise immediately. In some cases, of course, there can be serious defects and engineers may not be able to repair them without the necessary parts and tools and without sufficient time, after which serious work must be done to ensure that everything is in order. perfectly working condition.

Once the service is complete, the engineer can provide the building owner with a report indicating which checks he has performed and when the next service should be performed.Gas safety certificate ensure that proven products are safe to use and efficient enough to meet expected performance. When it comes to checking your gas appliances, service is what you want your appliance to be 100% fully operational. While a safety check ensures that everything is in good working order, it does not have the details and accuracy to ensure the maximum performance of each part. The end result is that you save the most money in both the long and short term and that in the future the chance of more serious errors and more efficient use of your energy becomes smaller.

Serve your gas boiler annually

Like the way vehicles work better and longer with annual maintenance, your boiler is the same. Annual gas boiler maintenance also ensures that your warranty is valid. Maintenance is also recommended to identify any problems, such as strange noises, leaks or problems during boiler operation. This can reduce damage before the problem worsens and stop the boiler malfunction completely.

Keep an eye on the pressure if you have a closed system installation

Over time, the boiler may gradually lose pressure. Check the pressure regularly. It should show 1 to 1.5 bar. If the value is below 1 bar, it is a good idea to add water to your system. Read the manual that came with your boiler to learn how to do this.

Make sure your boiler is well ventilated if required by the manufacturer

Boilers are currently hidden in a confined space. Problems can arise when storing other items around the gas boiler. Because some boilers require vents to shut off or restrict airflow to them, they can deplete the oxygen block and reduce their efficiency. It can even damage the device and become unsafe to use.

Start the heating system regularly

Most people only use their heating system when the winter months have arrived. This means that it is not used in the warmer months. When not used for a long time, boilers can get stuck or stop working. To avoid this, we recommend starting the heating system for 20-30 minutes once a month.

Inspect your boiler regularly

Look at the boiler unit and check for obvious damage, such as cracks or rust, strange noises during operation, or liquid leakage. Also write down any error codes that the device is currently or earlier displaying. Some appliances allow you to visually check the flame of the boiler. Make sure it is blue, and if it is a different color, turn off the gas boiler and avoid using until inspected. If you encounter any of these issues, please contact us to check your boiler and give you some tips.

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