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Why Invest in Emerging Art?

When it comes to art collecting, you’ll find that some of the more serious collectors search for the most popular and iconic pieces to buy and sell. It is a thriving community, with many of the richer investors focused on established art due to the fame of the artists and the price of their works.

That said, the other side of the coin can also be an extremely interesting and lucrative venture for curious investors. While first-time investors might also be interested in established art, there is the emerging art scene, where artists from all walks of life seek to hone their craft and grow their careers. Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest in emerging art.

Claude Leighton,
Photo Credit to Claude & Leighton

A hotbed of potential

It might come as a surprise for some, but the emerging art scene is bursting at the seams when it comes to creativity. These are young artists trying to expand their horizons however they can, and their craft encompasses various genres — including a few you might not have even heard of. It is a fascinating venture for investors as they can see first-hand what could potentially come of their investment, even if it might take some time for things to get off the ground.

While the established art scene is all about the ebb and flow of the market, the emerging art scene is more about where the next big thing lies. It has plenty of dormant potential, and only time will tell how the works of emerging artists will increase in value.

It is easier on the wallet

In the established art scene, you already know that a piece has value, and much of the challenge lies in either acquiring the piece or getting a decent appraisal — neither of which come cheap. On the other hand, the works of emerging artists are much easier to acquire, and authenticity is rarely an issue as you can contact the artist regarding any issues. There are also companies such as the Seam Agency that make it much easier for art collectors to purchase art from new and emerging artists. With a reliable source, there is little to worry about when it comes to forgeries and other potential scams, allowing art collectors to purchase what they want without worry.

A true investment

Emerging Art

If established art is all about purchasing items that already hold a significant value, investing in emerging art is all about planting the seed and watching it grow. While there is no guarantee that your chosen artists will grow in popularity, there is still something wonderful about supporting new talent. Helping new artists develop a solid foundation is one of the best parts of emerging art, as it’s an investment in every sense of the word.

While established art is naturally where the money lies, it would not be a good idea to ignore emerging art and all of its untapped potential. It also allows the investor to further connect with the artists they support and develop a real relationship with them.

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