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6 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts That Reduce Waste

With Father’s Day coming up fast, we’ll all be thinking of gifts for our dads – ideally, not just another pair of socks! We know that gift-giving can seem at odds with the zero waste ethos, but our dads are special and we want to show them how much they’re valued.

The answer? Zero waste father’s day gifts that are kind to the planet as well as to our dear ole dads. And who knows, perhaps your father will be so impressed by his prezzie that you convert him to a low-waste lifestyle, too. Read on for some of our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas from Kempii.


With lockdown started to gradually loosen up, we’ll soon be heading back to the office. And that means we’ll be back to our on-the-go lunch habit – which create 11 billion pieces of packaging waste in the UK alone!


You can inspire your dad to bring lunch to the office with a stylsih blue dolphin food flask – at 300 ml, perfect for a small soup or cold salad. The Elephant Box at 800ml, is perfect for a more generous lunch – and contains a separate compartment for your hummus or salad dressing.


The new Wild & Stone collection will have your Dad covered when it comes to reducing waste on the go. The zero waste on-the-go kit contains a reusable coffee cup, cutlery set and string bag.


Be it travelling for work, weekend adventures or just journeys in the car, these are must have items to when you’re out and about.


When it comes to reducing waste and being more eco-friendly, there’s no need to sacrifice style. Did you know 1.5 billion plastic phone cases are thrown out every year? Ditch the plastic and switch to a compostable phone cover. Our 100% compostable iPhone case has anti-shock features that provide 360º protection against drops and bumps.


Another classic is our 500ml stainless steel bottle, with an uncomplicated and classic design. The smaller size is the perfect companion for hikes and sports, and keeps drinks cool for 12 hours. Our top tip: squeeze a few ice cubes into the wide mouth of the bottle to keep your water cold on those hot days.

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