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All the Things Brits Love About Bojo

Got some pranksters in your family or among your friends? Do you enjoy a good laugh? Tream them to some humour with this unique gift! This book presents you with a comprehensive list of all the things Brits truly love about BoJo.

The Book is named: All The Things Brits Love About BoJo: (Funny books, prank gifts). It will remind you of BOJO’s finest moments.

I hereby would like to thank Brexit, COBRA meetings and the Corona virus for endless hours of content and entertainment.

All The Things Brits Love About BoJo
This is a perfect book if you’re looking for:

  • a birthday present
  • Secret Santa gift
  • a gift for a coworker, brother, sister, mother, (anti) Brexiter or
  • some words of wisdom 😉
  • the ultimate truth about the World.

Here are some great reviews:

“If I could take 1 book to a desert island with me, this would be it. This, and a crate of wine.”

-Michelle, 34, currently in rehab

“I’ve learnt more from this masterpiece than from my philosophy handbook at uni!” ,

-Rachel 22, small rodents lover

“A book more accurate than my period tracker!”

– Anonymous

“This is pure wisdom!”

-Anna, vegetable shop manager

“This was the one and only book my ex ever read!”

– Agata, 44

“My ex-wife gave me this book, I’m still trying to understand it”

– Rupert, dead insects collector.

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