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Driver Bubble™ teams up with the UK councils to supply partition screens to Fleets and Private Hire Drivers in the country

Driver Bubble™ partners with the UK councils to deliver high quality and cost-effective partition screens to fleets and private hire drivers across the country. The councils in the UK are taking the initiative to implement new policies and strategies to stay current with the ongoing pandemic and to ensure that drivers get the freedom to use PPE for themselves and in their vehicles. As part of this, many councils have decided to partner with Driver Bubble™ to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions to fleets & drivers across the UK.

One main highlighted issue that was noticed very early on is that Drivers were beginning to install “DIY” protective screens in their vehicles which was deemed unsafe & against policies that councils have implemented. After extensive talks with various councils in the UK, Driver Bubble™ quickly became the preferred supplier and started to supply all Private Hire Drivers with products allowing a more consistent strategy for councils to maintain and enforce.

Will Cattrall, Business Development Manager at Driver Bubble™ said, “This partnership is a result of the key challenges that many councils are facing in terms of long term safety issues around the drivers due to COVID-19. Depending on the councils implemented policies, we have and continue to work closely with each separate Council to ensure that we provide the correct product which may be modified depending on the requirements of the Council.”

“An example of this is Transport for London (TfL), alongside our partner Fixico, we designed a new variant of our ‘Driver Bubble Shield’ which has since been rolled out for use by TfL across London. Based on our current clients, our most popular product for use in the UK is the polycarbonate Driver Bubble Shield”, further added Will.

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During the implementation process, the Driver Bubble™ team will work closely with the licensing departments of councils to clarify their specific needs and ensure that the product matches the policies they have in place. Furthermore, the Driver Bubble™ team along the specific Council also determines the design & manufacturing of the product and decides on the best distribution of the product. This partnership is not only an effort to address the key challenges faced by councils around the safety of drivers but also to help enforce health guidelines and best hygiene practices in place.

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.

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