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Manchester Jewellers Timeless Promise: A 70-Year-Old Lifetime Guarantee Comes Full Circle

In an era where ‘lifetime guarantees’ often come with a trail of fine print, Hancocks Jewellers in Manchester defies the norm, proving that for them, a lifetime commitment is truly everlasting…

This enchanting tale unfolds in the mid-1950s when Thiagaraja Shanmukhanandam came to the UK for the first time from Sri Lanka, to begin his studies at Manchester University. During this time, he met his soulmate, Josephine. A beautiful romance ensued and he was set on proposing.

Shan’s journey led him to Hancocks Jewellers on King St, where he unknowingly stayed true to his heritage, picking out a diamond that originated from Sri Lanka in the 1800s, the most beautiful diamond-stepped blue sapphire cluster ring. This exquisite ring became the symbol of Shan and Josephine’s enduring love, spanning 63 years until Shan’s passing in 2020.

The symbolism of the sapphire, representing honesty and faithfulness, aligns perfectly with this heartfelt story.

Now, in 2023, Tia Wilkinson of Manchester inherits her grandmother Josephine’s treasured engagement ring. Eager to restore its former glory, Tia discovers a lifetime guarantee cleaning policy attached to the ring, in its original box. Skeptical of the nearly 70-year-old policy’s relevance, she turns to Hancocks Jewellers on King St, the very place where her grandfather, Shan, made the purchase.


To Tia’s astonishment, Hancocks not only upholds the decades-old policy but also honours it without any reservations or hidden clauses. The icing on the cake is the discovery of the original receipt, showcasing the jeweller‘s exceptional commitment to customer service and unwavering integrity.

In an age where good old-fashioned values seem scarce, Hancocks Jewellers stands out as a beacon of reliability. For those who have acquired rings from this esteemed establishment, the message is clear: when they say ‘lifetime guarantee,’ they mean it. Who knows, there might be someone out there with an even older receipt, a testament to the enduring legacy of Hancocks Jewellers’ commitment to their promises.

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