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avast Launches Creative Funding Project that Assembles Supporters to Take Selfies to Keep Favourite Hangouts Open launched a community project for customers of favourite UK venues to support their go-to restaurants, clubs, art galleries, coffee houses, hotels, concert stages and many more locations. In the UK, hundreds of venues have signed up for financial assistance and have requested public support in the face of closures and bankruptcies due to the COVID-19 lockdown and maximum customer occupancy rules.

The regular customers of these beloved venues are being encouraged to perform a public service—with a resulting art project mosaic born from their support and efforts. The fans of these venues can go to, find a venue and then support their chosen location for the small sum of £6.50. will ask the customer for their selfie photo to be uploaded to the site. The ideal number of patron selfies per venue would be 500 or more.

“This effort is a proactive statement of a community protecting its social life, targeting nostalgic, warm support for the venues that add meaning and community to their lives,”

said James Fall, CoFounder of

“These efforts will lead to keeping businesses thriving with the special creation of a compilation mosaic artwork featuring the photo selfie of each contributing person.”

Participating artists will assemble the customer selfies and create a piece of artwork made up of every person who chooses to support each venue. The way that the photos are placed will actually create a complete photo of the chosen venue. Using small pictures to make a new picture is a technique used by artists who take a great number of these much smaller images to compile a distinct, larger picture.

If a venue does not receive enough supporters, the organisation will allow venues to pool their efforts to team up and The will combine all the selfies from multiple local venues to create the selfie artwork. £5 of the contributed money goes directly to the venue and £1.50 is used to create the artwork mosaic and to cover the running costs for the website. is a group of sincere and responsible venue patrons who want to make a positive impact. They were saddened seeing a great number of venues closing down across the UK. Founded shortly after the second lockdown, set out to create a fun, interactive campaign to raise money for local businesses that needed some support. Beneficiaries include small business such as local shops, cafes, beauty salons, pubs, theatres, restaurants, bookshops and barbers that are on the verge of closure.

Businesses are encouraged to share their page links with as many people as possible. Venue websites or social media are the best places to add link to a venue page and can also download and print the “Poster for Venues” to display inside and outside its venue.

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