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British Man Leads The Largest And Most Technically Advanced Conservation Project In History

Work is poised to commence on the largest and most technically advanced and ambitious conservation project in history, set to cost an estimated 5 billion pounds. The brainchild of British entrepreneur Richard Prinsloo Curson, the state-of-the-art animal and ecological conservation park will aim to preserve every species on the planet. In planning for over four years, the park will cover 100 square kilometres of land in South Africa.

A film crew and photographic team has followed every aspect of their journey from seeking approval from the King of the Zulus, to the development of the ambitious plans, meeting the animals, the obstacles, trials and tribulations the team have faced throughout. The 12 part television series Noah’s Ark will be broadcast in the UK and distributed to broadcasters globally, in January 2021 with a second series in the planning.

Noah’s Ark

Richard Prinsloo Curson said

”The animal kingdom is at crisis point. Climate change, over development, farming, ocean plastic, big game hunting and poaching are driving thousands of species off the face of the planet. We owe it to future generations to preserve the natural world or our children will be left fighting the horrific consequences of climate change to survive”.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) reported in 2018, that humans have already wiped out 60% of Earth’s animals since 1970. If humanity continues with over development, poaching and hunting, polluting the oceans and affecting climate change, the natural world will be gone completely in 20 years.

Noah’s Ark

The new estimate of the massacre of wildlife is made in a major report by the WWF involving 59 scientists from across the globe. It reported that the vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the global population is destroying the web of life, billions of years in the making, upon which human society ultimately depends for clean air, water and everything else.

“We are sleepwalking towards the edge of a cliff”

, said Mike Barrett, executive director of science and conservation at WWF.

“If there was a 60% decline in the human population, that would be equivalent to emptying North America, South America, Africa, Europe, China and Oceania. That is the scale of what we have done. This is far more than just about losing the wonders of nature, desperately sad though that is,” he said. “This is actually now jeopardising the future of people. Nature is not a ‘nice to have’ – it is our life-support system”.

To help fund the project, Prinsloo Curson and the team behind Noah’s Ark are putting out a worldwide call for donations from £1 to billions of pounds inviting donations from the world’s individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Noahs Ark Go Fund Me page, the largest in history.

Watch it on Globetrotter Television SKY TV, channel 192, weekly from the 11th January 2021, 12:00 GMT.

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