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What is Sheltered Accommodation?

Sheltered accommodation refers to accommodation that is specifically designed for older people. These schemes often have a warden or manager. Every property will be equipped with an alarm system that can be activated 24 hours a day to alert emergency personnel.

What is sheltered accommodation?

It is most often used to refer to group housing in the United Kingdom. This could be a block of flats, bungalows, or even a “scheme” with a manager or officer. However, this is not always true. Managers/officers were once called “wardens”, but this term has been considered obsolete.

Sheltered housing in the UK is generally managed and owned by local authorities or housing associations.

Sheltered housing is self-contained, manageable and can be anything from a small bedsit to a large flat or house. Sheltered housing is different from a nursing home, care home, or home for the elderly in that tenants can look after themselves and are often active.

Who has the right to sheltered accommodation

Many housing schemes offer communal areas, such as a lounge or a garden, where tenants can socialize. Although many sheltered housing programs are only open to those over 60, some allow people as young as 55. As the criteria for housing are being considered, the age limit is being increased to accommodate more people. There is no upper age limit. The deciding factor is whether the individual is able to care for themselves independently or requires assistance. Many housing associations are considering this need and adding appropriate accommodation to their plans for new social housing developments. These developments can apply for funding from the local government to provide housing suitable for the most vulnerable members of their community.

Extra care sheltered housing, also known as “very sheltered” and “assisted living”, provides greater mobility and access for frail older persons. The scheme includes a personal care component and a domiciliary service. Meals are often provided, and they are served in a communal dining room which promotes social interaction and reduces loneliness.

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