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BBC Children in Need & SurSol launch Official Zero Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

BBC Children in Need is working exclusively with UK brand SurSol to supply families via major retail outlets and schools with a versatile, highly effective and labority tested handy 100ml hand sanitiser that helps prevent the spread of enveloped virus.

The exclusive Pudsey branded blue SurSol bottle launches today and will be available all year round and throughout 2021. This is a long term partnership between BBC Children in Need and SurSol ensuring that Britain’s families and local communities will be able to access family friendly alcohol free sanitisation products in schools, leisure, retail and online.

The innovative SurSol alcohol free hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of all viruses, using an effective 0% alcohol formulation promoting good health, family skin wellbeing and virus protection for all skin types that lasts for 4 hours per application.

The exclusively branded BBC Children in Need SurSol Hand Sanitiser will be distributed and sold immediately to over two million people this month, raising awareness, promoting national virus prevention and changing behaviour amongst British families, to help ensure people are sanitising their hands with zero alcohol hand santiser regularly at all times of the day during school time, leisure, domestic and family time.

It is backed by a national marketing campaign by SurSol and BBC Children in Need. Additionally SurSol will be donating 25p to Children in Need for every 100ml bottle sold.


Effective hand hygiene for British families is a vital element of everyday personal health, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. SurSol, the UK’s number one selling 0% alcohol free hand sanitiser brand will be supporting BBC Children in Need, its audiences, communities and partners from today onwards, throughout all of this year and into 2021.

“Hand santisation is so important but can dry skin out. It’s really helpful to have options which are effective but alcohol free.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis

The campaign and initiative will be led by the SurSol brand and parent company McKLords , which have been driving large scale hygiene behaviour amongst UK consumers for decades.

The announcement builds on a series of actions announced by McKLords, SurSol in the past 24 months. The company employs over 80 people in Wales and distributes millions of essential virus prevention products into the UK via charities, schools, education, retail, healthcare, leisure and hospitality industries.

SurSol CEO, Sarah Lord, said:

“SurSol is absolutely delighted to be exclusively partnering with BBC Children in Need for 2020 and beyond. Our brand is highly effective, accessible and perfect for major awareness to promote healthy clean sanitised hands without the use of alcohol amongst all British communities in and out of school time”.

The 100ml SurSol BBC Children in Need 0% alcohol hand sanitiser is available via all major UK retail outlets, Amazon and SurSol.


SurSol® has gone ‘dotty’ and launched the exclusive SurSol® BBC Children in Need Official Hand Sanitiser. A fun, family 0% alcohol hand sanitiser to keep hands sanitised. With a family neutral fragrance, with adde moisturisers and spotty eye-catching bottle will bring some fun and trusted convenience to hand sanitisation, whilst raising money for a very worthy cause.

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