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Could You Go Private as a Healthcare Provider?

If you have been working for the NHS or some other healthcare provider for some time, you might be keen to look into some of the other options open to you if you are ready for a change. One that you might be interested in is whether or not you could viably go private and open your own practice. Here are some of the considerations to make.


Are there patients in your current practice who would be willing to move across with you should you open your own? If not, how are you going to generate interest in your practice? This is a key consideration that you have to make. No patients, no practice – it is really quite that simple.

There are several ways that you can work to attract customers to you, just as with any business. Is there another private practice in your local area that you could be competing with? What would the impact be if you took clients off them, and vice versa? Though you might have the means to treat a variety of patients when they come through your doors, you have to make sure that you bring them in with honesty and the promise of the best healthcare – not any underhand tactics.

Accounting Is Crucial In The Healthcare

Business Details

A private practice is not just a place for healthcare. At the end of the day, it is also a business. You need to make sure that many of the details that help to dictate the efficiency and effectiveness of a business are in place before you even think about welcoming in your first customer.

For example, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance in place, and if you don’t know which policies you need, now is the time to learn. For example, you need to find out more about medical indemnity cover as this is one of the key policies that will protect your practice should an incident occur. Having these key protections in place is a must to protect the business, no matter what you might face in the future.


More often than not, it is better to set up a partnered practice rather than attempt to strike out on your own. Though you might offer the services of a general practitioner, there are plenty of other services that your patients might wish to use, such as that of a chiropractor or a dermatologist.

For this reason, it can be wise to find a few partners to work with. They will be able to work with you to deliver a wider selection of healthcare options to patients. You might even decide to work with another GP so that you can offer more care to your local area and patients. It is up to you how you wish to structure your practice, and you can even add more partners as you expand in future years. However, having the experience of just the right partner can be invaluable at the start of your practice.

Do you want to go private? It could prove to be one of your best moves as a healthcare practitioner, and can let you offer the type of services that you envision for your patients. Choosing to open your own practice will give you a lot of creative freedom, more so than you might if you were to stay working for another practice or for some wider healthcare establishment. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it is one that can prove to be a great option for you if you are willing to put the work in to make the practice a success.

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