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Facemasks Achieved 99.99% Antiviral Efficacy against Coronavirus

Health & Hygiene Limited, UK; innovation leader in infection prevention solutions, is pleased to announce next leap forward in safety and protection. Protector Facemasks were tested by the Institute of Biology, University of Campinas-UNICAMP. The tests were carried out using Coronavirus strain MHV-3 genus Betacoronavirus (same family and genus as SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 and MERS) and cell line L929 NCTC clone 929 [L cell, L-929, derivative of Strain L] (ATCC® CCL-1™). The tests were conducted according to ISO 18184-2019.

Protector Antimicrobial Face Mask showed 99.99% of viral inhibition for Coronavirus group and did not show cytotoxic activity towards host cells. It also achieved an efficacy of 99% in just 30 minutes.


Health & Hygiene experts understood the complexities of microbes and developed latest & innovative technologies to develop Antimicrobial Facemasks. These facemasks are capable of inactivating viruses and kills bacteria & fungi upon contact, minimizing the chances of cross-contamination. In these times of coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to reduce the rate of viral transmission. Protector Facemasks are also extensively tested and conform to the International standards ISO 22196, ISO 20743:2013 and ISO 13629-2:2014 for Antibacterial and Antifungal performance. Protector face masks meet the requirements of ASTM F 2100 Level 3 & EN 14683 Type IIR. Protector Facemasks are now compliant to all the following standards:

Standard Parameter/ Pathogen Tested Results
ISO 18184/ 2019-06-25


Beta coronavirus30 min: 99%inhibition

1 hour: 99% inhibition

2 hours: 99% inhibition

8 hours: 99.9% inhibition

24 hours: 99.99% inhibition

ASTM F 2100 Level 3Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Differential Pressure

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)

Splash Resistance @ 160mmHg






Class 1 Pass


EN 14683 Type IIRBacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Differential Pressure

Microbial Cleanliness

Splash resistance @ 120mmHg





ISO 20743: 2013


S. aureus

E. coli



ISO 13629-2:2014


Aspergillus niger

Candida albicans




Mr. Amir Younus, Executive Director of Health & Hygiene Ltd, said:

“COVID-19 has changed the world. Nowadays, people are looking for additional protection for themselves and their families. Health & Hygiene realized need of the hour & achieved an additional milestone by authenticating the highest efficacy of technology against this deadly virus. We aim to provide high performance products with pioneering technologies for protection of billions of people. Traditional methods are not enough to provide round the clock protection. Fight against evolving strains of viruses and bacteria has been tricky and demands technological evolution. Our products are meant to act as your Protector in this fight. H&H has developed a wide range of Consumer & Healthcare products incorporating the same Antimicrobial Technology.”

Protector facemasks not only filter like traditional facemasks but also inactivates the viruses that come in contact with its surface to avoid any cross-contamination and provide an extra level of protection to the users. It also kills bacteria, fungi and other microbes upon contact.

It was concluded that, Protector Antimicrobial FaceMasks showed  99.99% Antiviral efficacy for Coronavirus group and did not show any cytotoxic activity towards host cells.

These excellent results are a great achievement and technology can play a vital role in global infection prevention and safety.

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