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Feel and Look Good this Summer with Health and Well-being Tech

Salon and gym restrictions may have lifted but you might not feel quite ready to take the plunge into busy public places. Not to mention that salon appointments are in demand, so you could find yourself waiting a bit longer to get that treatment you desperately desire. Health and well-being specialist, Beurer, has put together a list of their top tech to help you achieve a summer-ready look yourself or to assist you get summer-body-ready at home.

Find out if it’s working with the Beurer BF180 Diagnostic Scale:


Whether you’re working on your annual summer body regime or simply trying to shift the few extra pounds you put on during lockdown, this diagnostic scale lets you know your body, inside out. The Beurer BF180 measures your weight and determines your body fat, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass, BMI and BMR calorie display for an overall view of your health. It includes a blue illuminated XL display which is easy to read from standing and can display your weight in kg, lb or st. You can also have 10 user memory spaces.

The Beurer BF180 is available from Argos / Amazon RRP £25.99

Better abs than you will achieve at the gym with the Beurer EM22 Muscle Toner:


If you’d rather avoid the gym for a little while, or simply want a more convenient and effective way to tone muscle, then the EM22 muscle toner with 15 levels of intensity is the solution. This hi-tech, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device, which can increase the tone and definition of abdominals, legs and arms, actually achieves better results than the gym as it allows access to the additional 70% of muscle fibres that voluntary contraction neglects. As well as sculpting, the EM22 can also be used for muscle rehabilitation to prevent muscular atrophy. So, if you have been pushing yourself hard during lockdown or are partial to running marathons, you can use this highly effective EMS to increase blood flow and to relax your muscles. The electrode pads are made from soft flexible silicone and completely comfortable against the skin.

The Beurer EM22 is available from Amazon RRP £54.99

Say goodbye to lumps and bumps with the Beurer CM100 Cellulite ReleaZer:


Get noticeably smoother, firmer and toned curves with the world’s first clinically tested cellulite massager. Scientifically proven to reduce cellulite with visible results after just 12 weeks of use, the Cellulite ReleaZer provides vibration massage to break down fat cells for deep tissue toning. There are 4 varying treatment surfaces, 3 intensity levels and 2 massage programmes. Non-slip handles ensure you can massage to break down cellulite easily and precisely where it counts, especially useful as the CM100 is waterproof for use in the shower. A full charge of the Li-Ion battery provides 10 hours of cellulite battling.

The Beurer CM100 is available from Amazon RRP £89.99

Men, get smooth with the Beurer HR6000 Body Groomer:


It’s time to manscape that chest and back ready for the beach. The HR6000 Electric Precision Hair Trimmer from Beurer’s Barbers corner range is the perfect all-round device for removing hair from any part of your body. Wet or dry, the flexible double-sided stainless-steel blade ensures a safe and thorough shave in no time at all. The device has an LED display and a length-adjustable rotating attachment. A 60-minute charging time is followed by 60 minutes of shaving. The self-sharpening blades also eliminate the need to buy replacement blades.

The Beurer HR6000 is available from Amazon RRP £39.99

Men, shave off the years with the Beurer HR2000 Wireless Precision Trimmer:


Another great DIY solution from Beurer’s Barbers corner range. Shape your brows, trim your nose hair, and keep unwanted ear hair out of sight with the HR2000 precision trimmer. Defines sharp lines and shapes to precision with help from the extra small head – allowing you to trim those hard-to-reach areas with ease. This trimmer will take years off the face so that you can enjoy a new confidence in your appearance.

The Beurer HR2000 is available from Amazon RRP £16.99

Enjoy glimmering silky-smooth legs with the Beurer HL40 Warm Wax Hair Remover:


Proudly show off your legs this summer. The Beurer warm wax hair remover gives you salon-quality waxing results in the comfort and convenience of your own home. It comes with 2x 50g moisturising beeswax cartridges which can both be heated at the same time thanks to the dual heating chambers. In short, enjoy thorough and long-lasting hair removal time and time again without having to secure a salon appointment.

The Beurer HL40 is available from Amazon and Argos, RRP £49.99

With the Beurer MP62 Manicure and Pedicure Set you can become a home salon superstar:


Everybody wants gorgeous looking nails to show off. The Beurer MP62 is a complete kit for beginners and pros alike. Get beautifully pampered hands and feet by using the 7 high-quality sapphire and felt tips for shortening, filing, shaping and polishing nails. This beautiful nail solution turns you into a professional. It will make you think twice about paying out for an appointment ever again.

The Beurer MP62 is available from Amazon, RRP £45.99

Beurer FC45 Facial Cleansing Brush – Wash, cleanse, sleep repeat!


Take your daily cleanse to another level for radiant skin this summer with this gentle tool that is 4 times more effective than washing by hand. The FC45 facial cleansing brush features a rotating brush head which is gentle enough for even sensitive skin yet tough enough to clean deep into pores for a thorough cleanse that will leave your face feeling fresh. Used as part of your daily routine to lift away dead skin cells and help promote circulation to tackle acne and spots, reduce oily skin, and to boost your skins natural collagen production. Water-resistant, you can even use this cleansing brush in the shower.

The Beurer FC45 is available from Amazon and JD Williams, RRP £24.99

Treat your mind and body with the Beurer MG280 Yoga and Stretch Mat with air compression:


Make sure you feel as good as you look this summer. You don’t even need to find a yoga class as this electric yoga and stretch mat is your stand-in yoga instructor. Whether you’re new to yoga and want to be sure you’re doing it right, or a pro who wants to push themselves to their full potential, now you can train in the comfort of your own home or garden. The MG280 yoga and stretching mat uses 7 inflating air chambers to guide your body into the perfect stretch positions to ease tension and encourage flexibility. There are 4 intensive pre-set stretching programmes and 3 intensity levels, all selectable using the easy-to-use control. Just lie back and let the mat do the work. For deeper relaxation you can enjoy a vibration massage function and even a heat function to warm and loosen any tight muscles you have. Bliss!

The Beurer MG280 is available from Amazon, RRP £249.99

To view Beurer’s full range of health and wellbeing products, visit Buerer on Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

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