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How Brits are boosting their Energy Levels with a £25 ‘Dot’

Energydots is a suite of ground-breaking, affordable products that use technology for good (for improved health and wellbeing).

Benefits reported by customers using energydots include improved energy levels, concentration, sleep and mood, along with reduced headaches, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

The range includes:

  • smartDOT – for retuning the Electro-magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emitted by wireless devices
  • sleepDOT – for enhanced sleep
  • bioDOT – to retune your energy field
  • spaceDOT – to harmonise an environment and re-energise and balance the area

The products include small magnetic discs that are specially programmed to harmonise the frequencies not only emitted by the millions of wireless electronic devices we use everyday, but also other negative frequencies that can affect a person’s biosphere.


Just like a bank card’s magnet strip that holds ‘programmed information’ energydots do the same, but they have the ability to ‘re-tune’ frequencies found in everyday settings to reduce the potentially negative effects they have on us.

  • smartDOT uses Programmed Harmonic Interface (PHI) technology as a means of retuning the Electro-magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emitted by wireless devices (Electro-magnetic radiation is listed as a class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organisation and has many claims that show its effects can cause headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbance)
  • The body recognises the retuned emissions, which reduces the effects of electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) – which is a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, to which negative symptoms are attributed.
  • Customers already using energydots feel more energetic, with better concentration and relief from EMF-related stress or tension.

SmartDOTs can be attached to any wireless device, such as a Wi-Fi router, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, baby monitor or games console to retune the radiation emitted from the device directly at its source. They cost £25 each, www.energydots.com

Other products in the range – the spaceDOT and sleepDOT – work in a similar way but are programmed to harmonise other frequencies and enhance frequencies to aid sleep..

The spaceDOT interacts with its environment to re-energise and balance the area through the scientific process of entrainment and works to harmonise geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional disturbances.

The sleepDOT emits a clever mix of soothing vibrations and natural frequencies that encourage the brain to retune to the theta and delta frequencies – the slowest frequencies of the brain, associated with relaxation and present during meditation and deep sleep.


Jason Petrou-Brown from energydots says,

“With the latest figures estimating that the average person now spends around 3 hours 30 minutes a day on a smartphone (which is 24 hours a week or 53 days a year!), and that there are around 50 billion connected devices now in use around the world, there is growing concern over the health effects that electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) – emitted from Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and similar devices – are having on people’s bodies and wellbeing.

“People are increasingly questioning whether their time on devices is harming their health and quite rightly so.

“While there are a number of scientific and government papers that consider the health effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) and electro-magnetic radiation emitted from wireless devices it is still a highly debated subject with lots of conflicting findings and studies.

“Which is why we have carried out our own independent testing – spanning more than 10 years – that confirms how wireless radiation affects the body in an unnatural way and indicates how our products undo this process, reverting the body back to its natural state.

“Moreover, our customer feedback is phenomenal – people using the products are benefitting from increased energy, better concentration and improved sleep. So while we must be cautious about how we state electro-sensitivity affects our bodies, what we do know is that according to our research and our clients, these products help them in many ways.”

Energydots’ well-being solutions

While all products in the energydots range use sophisticated Programmed Harmonic Interface (PHI) technology as a means of retuning emissions, each solution holds a different frequency setting and is working to do something slightly different.

While smartDOT, biodot, aquaDOT and petDOT aim to protect users from the harmful effects of wireless radiation emitted from devices, spaceDOT harmonises the things around us and sleepDOT retunes us to enhanced sleep frequencies.

Energydots’ products DO NOT shield the radiation, but instead retuneor harmonise the emissions to a more natural coherent frequency, meaning the body does not have to react around them.

They dont reduce the frequencies.

eEnergydots™ are a tool kit used for EMF protection. They are EMF frequency harmonisers, working in a similar way to homeopathic remedies. The Energydots team works with practitioners and distributors around the world to bring holistic solutions to the issue of EMF.

For more information visit www.energydots.com.

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