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How to Control Childhood Obesity among the Fears of COVID-19?

Childhood obesity is a more serious issue in Middle Eastern countries of the world, as compared to adult obesity. A significant ratio of the child population in the UAE is obese, which is quite an alarming situation. Children are the future of any country. If they are not healthy and fit, they cannot contribute to the progress of society.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has confined the world population to their homes. Obese children cannot continue their routine workout or slimming plan, which can impact their health. Social distancing and lockdown are also giving rise to panic and anxiety, which can also leave negative effects on obese children.

This article aims to highlight some of the tips and ways to control childhood obesity among the fears of COVID-19.

Top 6 Tips to Control Childhood Obesity during Corona Pandemic

Childhood obesity is a serious issue that needs the attention and care of parents. The children suffering from it can also develop chronic diseases, which can put their life on stake. With the outbreak of a pandemic, the whole world is in fear and panic. However, the health of children cannot be compromised at this crucial time.

The following are some of the most important tips to control childhood obesity during the coronavirus pandemic.

1.     Help Your Child Avoid Binge Eating

The very first leading cause of childhood obesity is binge eating. Children need more but small portions of meals throughout the day. However, if your child is consuming bigger and more portion, with least [physical activity, it is definitely an alarming situation.

So, help your child avoid binge eating, which will control his/her weight and ensure proper growth. However, expert care is necessary to shed extra weight and abandon the habit. Most of the parents often acquire the services of LPG slimming experts to help their child lose excessive weight and adopt a healthy eating routine.

2.     Limit Intake of Sweets and Sugary Products

Looking after the children in lockdown is one of the biggest challenges for parents across the globe. It is more challenging for the parents of obese children. If you are one of them, do not let your guard down for the health of your child.

One of the most important tips to control childhood obesity during this pandemic is to limit the intake of sweets and sugary products. Even if your child loves the sweet, watch the calorie intake and strictly follow the limit, as it is essential for the betterment of your child.

3.     Include Physical Exercise in Routine

Although the children of this generation are more interested in playing computer related games, the pandemic has rooted out the little physical activity from their lives. Physical activity not only develops their metabolism but also strengthens their muscles and immunity.

So, include a little physical activity in their routine while staying at home. You can watch online exercise plans for children and make them practice it at home. You can also include some simple workouts and help your practice them along with you, to boost their interest in the activity.

4.     Help Them Avoid Stress and Panic

One of the most important tips for controlling childhood obesity during a pandemic is by helping your child avoid stress and panic. This is a rare happening of social distancing for humanity. Moreover, the lingering fear of contracting the virus, becoming sick with greater chances of death, is more panicking for children.

Moreover, not being able to go to school, meet their friends, and play with them is adding to the stress of children, which contributes to obesity. So, explain the situation to your child, help them understand it, and find hope through care and cleanliness. Being relaxed will control the worsening of obesity.

5.     Consult the Experts

One of the most important tips for controlling obesity during the pandemic is consulting the experts. It is essential because the situation is quite new and unpredictable. It can leave worse effects on the health of your child. So, instead of regretting later, it is best to take action now.

You can consult the services of LPG slimming experts to get a detailed plan about taking care of your child. You can ensure to take the advice on the phone, in the wake of practicing social distancing and avoiding contract of disease. When all of this is over, you can also get in-person consultation with the experts for better care and treatment plan.

Look after your child’s health and stay safe!

This is a crucial time for humanity; however, you need to stay calm to come stronger out of all of this. Do not neglect the health of your obese children. Watch their eating patterns and a healthy diet. Include exercise and other indoor physical activities in their routine. Minimize screen time and help them avoid stress and anxiety.

childhood obesity

Help your child pass this time in a smooth manner and consult the experts in the time of need.

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