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Innovative hearing Technology Startup launches World-first approved medical device and home treatment for Tinnitus

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears affects millions of people worldwide with over 7 million sufferers in the UK alone. Tinnitus is often linked to ear damage caused by aging or exposure to loud noise. It can also follow viral or bacterial infections and is emerging as a possible long-term health consequence of Covid-19. Despite this prevalence, individuals suffering from tinnitus have limited options as many treatments focus on helping patients to cope with the condition rather than treating the underlying causes.

For years, tinnitus was thought to be a condition of the ear, but recent research has identified its link to neuroplastic changes in the brain often triggered by changes or trauma to the auditory system. Electromagnetic stimulation has been proven to modulate this tinnitus-related brain activity and relieve tinnitus symptoms opening up potential for exciting new remedies. A challenge for tinnitus patients is accessing approved treatments, which are restricted to specialist clinical settings.

To solve these problems, hearing technology start-up Cleanhearing has developed Sono, the world’s only medical device approved to deliver electromagnetic stimulation for tinnitus at home.

Sono consists of specialised headphones and a handheld controller. These deliver safe pulses of electromagnetic energy designed to treat underlying physiology and modulate the abnormal brain activity linked to tinnitus noise. Sono does not offer masking or coping, and Sono users can look forward to genuine relief. At the same time, they can enjoy a safe, comfortable home treatment that is 100% pain free.

Part of Sono’s unique offering is its patented delivery method that ensures effective electromagnetic stimulation without the need for high-strength magnetic fields or direct contact between electrodes and skin. Treatment is relaxing, stress-free, and ideal for patient use at home. To get the best results from Sono, patients are advised to use it twice a day for twenty minutes and results are typically seen between two to four months of regular use.

Sono also offers optional connected features to enhance the electromagnetic stimulation. These include simultaneous tailored notched music, a second innovative therapy proven to be beneficial for certain subtypes of tinnitus. Patients can also chart their progress on the Cleanhearing cloud and share it with their doctor as part of a supervised treatment plan.

A company spokesperson said, “Our goal is to make evidence-based technologies more accessible for patients and tailor therapy to the individual user. Sono offers a multi-faceted approach to tinnitus relief and is suitable for most tinnitus patients.”

Sono has received CE certification as a Class IIa medical device for tinnitus and has launched in the UK. This exciting milestone brings a much-needed new treatment option to a large and underserved population.

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