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Key principles for building immunity in spring

Autumn and winter are demanding periods of time for our immunity. No wonder then that at this time we observe increased flu cases or other various types of infections. Since there is not much sun, which is a natural source of vitamin D, and it is difficult to find fresh fruits and vegetables rich in various vitamins and nutrients, the upcoming spring is the best time to work on your immunity. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most important information on this topic.

The perfect diet to strengthen your immunity

The first thing to remember when trying to increase your immunity is to implement a proper diet. It should be varied and rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, as well as whole grains, and seeds.
The diet that will be most beneficial to your immunity should also be balanced in terms of the number of vitamins and other minerals. Zinc is of very high importance. the source of which is, for example, meat, various whole grain products, or groats. It effectively stimulates the immune system. The diet should also be rich in selenium, supporting the fight against viruses and bacteria, and iron, which is very important in the production of antibodies.

Vitamins for immunity

When planning a spring diet that supports immunity, it is worth remembering that it should provide several types of important vitamins. What’s more, it is also a good solution to take proven dietary supplements, which will be an extra source of vitamins and other important compounds. A product worth recommending is This supplement effectively strengthens the immune system and improves its functioning.

A very important vitamin that contributes significantly to building immunity is vitamin C. The main role of this very strong antioxidant is to neutralize free radicals and synthesize collagen. Another significant element is Vitamin D which soothes inflammation and reduces any allergic reactions. Vitamin A, on the other hand, effectively strengthens the body’s natural barriers. Supplementation should also include B vitamins, which are involved in the production of white and red blood cells.

Probiotics are also of great importance in the process of building immunity. They have an extremely beneficial effect on the intestinal microbiota, they lower cholesterol levels and improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. They are to be found in many products that should be included in your everyday diet, such as pepper or ginger.

Building immunity in the spring is a very complex process. To notice visible effects, it is worth choosing a balanced and healthy diet, as well as proper supplementation. Physical activity and a large amount of time against many bacteria and viruses that constantly circulate among us.

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