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New Production Company and Film Festival to Promote Positive Mental Health

To observe World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September 2022, Stand Against Suicide CIC along with L J Books and Media Limited will launch Papageno Effect Productions and The Papageno Effect Film Festival. The idea behind Papageno Effect Productions is to write and film a slate of movies that sees one of the central characters overcoming suicidal thoughts. Their first screenplay, ‘My wife’s guy’ is about a man who unexpectedly loses his wife to a brain haemorrhage but manages to find hope and overcome his suicidal thoughts. The screenplay is inspired by the book ‘The Owl at the Window’ by Carl Gorham.

Next year they hope to launch The Papageno Effect Film Festival. Film makers from all over the world will be invited to submit their films to the festival. All films must have a central character overcome suicidal thoughts and turn their lives around.

Stand Against Suicide

The Papageno Effect is named after the character Papageno in Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute who, after trying to take his own life, is saved by the arrival of three friendly spirits. The Papageno Effect posits that exposing people to stories in which characters consider suicide but find an alternative solution can decrease the incidence of suicide. This effect has been supported by a number of studies, which have found that after exposure to stories with pro-social content, people are more likely to report pro-social attitudes and behaviours. Given the strong evidence for the Papageno Effect, film makers and storytellers who are interested in suicide prevention may want to consider writing stories that offer an alternative to suicide. By showing characters who are struggling but ultimately find hope, these stories can give viewers and readers a new perspective on their own situation and offer them a way to see beyond their current difficulties. One of the most memorable Papageno Effect films is ‘It’s a wonderful life’ starring James Stewart.

By promoting positive mental health through storytelling, Stand Against Suicide CIC and Papageno Effect Productions hope to change how suicide is viewed in society. They aim to show that suicide is not the only option, but instead there are many other ways for people to overcome their struggles and live better lives. With your help, they can spread this important message far and wide.

If you would like to learn more about the work of Stand Against Suicide CIC and Papageno Effect Productions, please visit their website.

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