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Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship launches to help make Professional Health Education more Accessible

With 22,435 email enquiries into health and nutrition training in the past year, many related to the pandemic, The Health Sciences Academy (THSA) have launched their Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship, designed to make professional health education more accessible and affordable. The scholarship, which will run until 31st December 2021, involves access to an exclusive certification of choice with 1,000 places available to prospective nutrition students.

The program will be led by Maurice Castelijn, Co-founder and CEO of The Health Sciences, with support from female nutrition leaders Alex Ruani PhD(c), doctoral researcher, Chief Science Educator and Co-Founder at THSA, and Michelle de la Vega, PhD and Vice President of Science Education at THSA.

There will be a special announcement webinar with full information on Tuesday 16th February at 4pm GMT, run by Maurice Castelijn.

THSA offers 13 client-focused certifications in health and nutrition science, with a global student population of 34.4% from the UK, 18.4% from the US and Canada, and 47.2% rest of the world. Its most popular certification is the Nutritional Therapist course which focuses on helping clients identify and mitigate nutrient deficiency risks.

The global health coaching market, which was valued at 8bn in 2018, is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.8%, with a focus on delivering disease prevention programs to at-risk populations, helping them achieve healthier lifestyles, and more access to nutrition information.

The Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship removes the access barrier many face when entering professional health education, opening the courses up to anyone with a restricted income (whether as a result of COVID, or otherwise), and who want to make a difference to others. The criteria are simple, with an emphasis on applicants completing their training within a period of 6 months.


  • Those with restricted income (whether as a result of COVID layoff or otherwise)
  • Be able to allocate sufficient learning time
  • Be passionate about wanting to make a difference to others
  • Complete within 6 months maximum
  • One certification of choice
  • Cannot have obtained another scholarship with THSA previously

Maurice Castelijn, CEO and Founder of The Health Sciences Academy says: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for better health education, and access to it. A recent survey by Public Health England found that 7 in 10 adults are motivated by COVID-19 to make healthier lifestyle changes, and invest in their personal health. However, most people are unable to afford or access good health education programs. There are so many choices, and many people don’t know where to start. The scholarship program is designed to remove these access barriers, and help people learn, and in turn educate themselves and others around good health practices. We want to be the start, middle and end of people’s journeys, offering them the education, support and information they need to become certified health and nutrition professionals.”

Alex Ruani, PhD(c), doctoral researcher and Chief Science Educator at THSA comments: “To date, most medical schools offer very little training when it comes to nutrition education. The scholarship provides core programs around several topics relating to health and nutrition science, and have been designed to bridge the gap between nutrition knowledge and its practical application, to create highly qualified nutrition professionals who can make a difference. We focus on evidence-based practices and learning that are accessible and convenient, and now available to everyone. Our aim is to boost people’s understanding of nutrition science in a way that they can apply it practically, therefore benefiting others.”

Certifications available via the Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship:

  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Advanced Dietary Supplements Advisor
  • Advanced Research Techniques
  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner
  • Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Sleep Management Advisor
  • Detox Specialist
  • Advanced Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor
  • Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity
  • Advanced Stress Management Advisor
  • Advanced Food Allergies and Intolerances Nutritional Advisor

To find out if you’re eligible, visit The Health Sciences Academy website and carry out a self-assessment. If accepted, you will be offered a place. THSA has a 92% success and satisfaction rate amongst their existing nutrition students.

The Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship is available to prospective students who want to achieve one certification of their choice and have not been previously accepted to another scholarship from The Health Sciences Academy.

Applications open on 1 February. The scholarship requires a small administration fee, for students to have ‘skin in the game’ and for the company to offer full support and produce additional webinars and events.

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