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Zero Waste Shaving from Wilde & Harte – Made in UK

In times of environmental crisis, it’s incumbent on a gentleman to do his bit for the planet. Ditching a plastic razor for a once-in-a-lifetime stainless steel safety razor is decidedly better for good old Planet Earth.

Zero waste shaving is the order of the day, well in fact, it’s order of the decade and a plastic free Wilde & Harte stainless steel safety razor is just the ticket.

Wilde Harte

Safety razors glide effortlessly through designer stubble with a double edge stainless steel blade. Not a disposable plastic multi-blade cartridge in sight.

4 reasons to use a zero waste Wilde & Harte safety razor:

• once-in-a-lifetime razor purchase
• helps prevent razor burn and other unsightly skin problems
• yields a very, very low ‘cost-per-shave’
• used double edge razor blades are 100% recyclable

Add a synthetic fibre shaving brush and stainless steel stand to your safety razor to complete an ultimate zero waste, plastic-free shaving set.

Wilde Harte

Shaving sets are purchased in satin-bedded gift boxes, making them perfect gift acquisitions.

Wilde & Harte Ltd are members of the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign, an initiative endorsed by the British Government, supported by British manufacturers and recognised by consumers in the UK and abroad.

The ‘Made in Britain’ marque is only accredited to a business who provide evidence that items for sale under the business brand have been manufactured in Great Britain.

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