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3 Family-friendly Home Office Ideas

With remote work and online learning becoming the norm, it’s important to have a productive work-from-home space that’s also a joy to be in.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice shares her 3 smart and stylish home office ideas for the whole family.

1. Inspire creativity with mint green

Aspen White Table - £349.99 - Java White Chair - £64.99 
Aspen White Table – £349.99 – Java White Chair – £64.99

Use colour to bring a sense of calm and harmony to the home office. Try soothing mint green walls with a white desk for a bright and airy look that also helps reflect any natural light. Round off with black accents through storage baskets and filing cabinets. Bring in fresh greenery and framed posters to inspire positivity and creativity.

2. Inject colour into a shared workstation

Finley Oak Table - £149.99 -  Kendal Oak Chair - £54.99 
Finley Oak Table – £149.99 –  Kendal Oak Chair – £54.99

Turn space under the stairs into a family-friendly shared workstation. Energise the area with a cheerful half painted yellow wall and bright stationery, and install a wire grid memo board to pin any notes and ideas. Add touches of nature with an oak desk and large leafy plants.

3. A space-themed study area

Milton White Table- £179.99 -  Denver White Bed- £229.99 
Milton White Table- £179.99 –  Denver White Bed- £229.99

Design a teenage girl’s multifunctional study space in a bedroom that caters for her rest, relaxation and learning. Keep it simple with a white desk that doubles as a dressing table, then style around a theme that reflects her interests. For example, if she’s into astrology, add cosmic details like space-inspired artwork or a retro lava lamp.

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