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A Look at the Top Trends in Showhome Interior Design Today

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a showhome, as everything in it has been meticulously chosen to create the most attractive interiors. Any showhome interior design specialist will know that all the details need to make sense and complement each other, whether you are going for an eclectic style or something more contemporary. But if you are planning to create a showhome – whether you’re in charge of a real estate development or are selling an individual home – it pays to keep your ear to the ground when it comes to the latest trends. So if you want the best showhome appeal for your property, here’s a look at the top trends in showhome interior design today.

• Organic, natural themes. The organic and natural theme has been around for a while but only complement the central theme. Today, it has become the primary theme for many showhomes, using all-natural materials such as cloth or fabric wall covers, grass, rattan details, pale, blond-coloured wood, and paints featuring green hues. Living plants are also a big thing, adding even more life to the organic and natural theme.
• Richer palettes. Another noteworthy trend in showhomes is the use of richer palettes. Colours such as deep emeralds and rich brass or blue are often preferred, as are gold details and warm wood finishing. There is also an emphasis on a bold feature or accent walls with a botanical theme or motif or super-lush foliage patterns.
• A combination of neutrals. Showhome interior design experts have always used neutrals for showhomes, as they have an appeal that most everyone finds attractive.  But today’s neutrals are also often combined with various natural features and elements that bring nature inside. In addition, today’s showhomes often emphasise good living, wellness, and comfort, allowing homeowners to enjoy their living space. Many designers now make use of organic elements along with textured walls, fabrics, and floors. The preferred style of furniture for this trend is a blend of rustic and modern, essentially combining the old with the new.
• Masculine details. Due to the pandemic, a lot more people work from home, and more individuals are focusing on their homes as well. As a result, there is a lot of attention on big walls with a masculine look and theme, complete with upholstery and details in brass. Fewer designers are choosing stronger colours, replacing them with more peaceful, calmer colours and interiors. Lots of spaces today feature linen and ivory tones and subtler colours like sage green, light (almost watery) blue, and ochre. Furniture is also more attuned to this masculine style, with a quirkier look combined with more curves.
• The Japanese and Nordic trends. Nordic and Japanese styles have also been around for some time, but today, the two are now also combined. The trend of Japanese and Nordic themes uses clean, crisp lines and textures that are Scandinavian-inspired. It also features muted, subtle colours combined with warmer tones and hues and a lot of natural lighting.
• The colour block trend. Another notable trend in show home interior design is the colour blocking trend, where small patterns are eliminated and replaced with larger geometric patterns and shapes.

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