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All for Easter Sunday, Yolks!

From decorating eggs as a tradition that dates back to at least the 13th century to now having Easter Egg hunts, Easter and eggs go hand in hand.

We have 6 Egg-citing products just right for the occasion:

Eggland: With Eggland an easy, breezy breakfast is never far away
Just crack an egg, let it float, and have a bright start to your day!

Eggondola: A five minute gondola ride is all it takes for first class poached eggs.
After a beautiful Easter celebration, your journey to the perfect breakfast is all smooth sailing!


Humphrey: An eggcellent choice for a kitchen companion. There’s no way out of Humphrey’s belly eggcept finely sliced. So Lay down your hard boiled eggs and let them rest in pieces across your Easter spread.

Sumo Eggs: With this pair of red and black sumo egg holders, you can start a little-but-tasty food fight of your own. And remember, the winner breaks it all!

Aloha: Fast track the process of boiling eggs, with up to four “anchored” safely on their holder to prevent bumping and cracking in the roiling and boiling waters of the pot. – Thanks to its handy handle, ALOHA can be safely carried to the sink for the ritual rinse.

Arthur: Behold the knights of the round egg! Bound to his chivalry code, Arthur will come to your service each morning as your egg in shining armor. Give your eggs a great disguise for those egg hunts around your house.

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