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At Least 20% Off Everything Sale at Scotts of Stow

We bring you this week’s best sellers you won’t want to miss, there’s something for everyone with free delivery on all orders over £75 here at Scotts of Stow with code 14SA.

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William Morris Clip on Sunshade

William Morris Clip on SunshadeThis William Morris sunshade clips on to your outdoor chair to guard against harmful UV rays. The parasol features Morris’s timeless ‘Strawberry Thief’ pattern. Plus, it has a non-reflective underside – perfect when reading. Simply clip it to the arm or back of a chair and adjust it to your desired position.Was £19.95 Now £10.95

Bees Flower Seed Shaker – Pack of 3

Bees Flower Seed Shaker - Pack of 3This trio of English wild flower seeds, promises butterflies, bees and beautiful blooms. The seeds come in a traditional ‘shaker’ carton for easy sowing. See them grow from June ‘til first frosts.Was £24.95 Now £19.95

Hand Painted Glass Vase with LED Lights

Hand Painted Glass Vase with LED LightsThis glass vase lamp is decorated with a shimmering winter tree, and is lit from within by a string of 10 soft white LEDs. Each frosted glass vase is a hand-painted one-of-a-kind, to look great in any room.Was £39.95 Now £6.95

Neostar® Health 3-in-1 Exercise Bike

This innovative exercise bike helps you keep fit at home without having to buy bulky gym equipment. Exercise bikes can be a pain in the nether regions, but Neostar® Health’s 3-in-1 bike has a wide, comfortable seat and cushioned back support rather than the usual narrow saddle.Was £179.95 Now £143.96

Quartz Wall Clock – 30cm

Quartz Wall Clock - 30cmThis quartz wall clock is the smartest way to keep track of time. This classic, domed-bezel wall clock with white face has large, easy-to-read black numbers and hands, so telling the time from a distance is always effortless.Was £29.95 Now £14.95

Naples Pro High Sunlounger

Naples Pro High SunloungerOur extra-high sun lounger is ‘seat-height’ enabling you to sit up and get to your feet without a struggle. With 51cm high legs and a heavy-duty, highly stable construction, it’s safer too. For comparison a standard sunlounger is only approximately 24cm high!Was £179.95 Now £129.95

Contactless Card Protector – SkimGuard® Active 2.0

One of the stars of the show at the Las Vegas CES Electronics fair in January 2017, SkimGuard® ACTIVE will protect you and your family from the UK’s fastest-growing cybercrime. More and more criminals are learning of the vulnerability of contactless payment cards.Was £19.95 Now £2.95

Neostar® Fitness Tracker – Set of 2

Take the guesswork out of your activity levels with this multi-function fitness tracker you wear on your wrist. Perfect for everyday, whether trying to improve your fitness or just want to monitor it, it’s a great way to keep motivated.Was £19.95 Now £6.00

3 Position Footstool

3 Position FootstoolThis extendable footstool takes comfort to a new level! Adjust this deeply cushioned footstool to the perfect height –19, 30 or 38.5cm. It’s comfortable, strong and superbly stable whatever height you choose. Crafted from MDF with solid wood egg-shaped screw-in feet.Was £44.95 Now £35.96

Tree of Life Doormat

Tree of Life DoormatWhen visitors call, this unusual, patterned door mat should, hopefully, give them pause for thought and remind them to wipe dirt and mud off their footwear. Tough and durable, the raised coir pattern depicting the ‘Tree of Life’’.Was £49.95 Now £39.95

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