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Beautiful Orchids To Style Your Home At Bloom

Beautiful Orchids to decorate your home here at Bloom. Bloom range provides long lasting beauty to your home.

Buy a few selections and match them to the seasons, or create your own bouquet with 3 for 2 on single stems. Here are some of of our favourites from Bloom:

Ruby Red Orchid Centrepiece

Ruby Red Orchid CentrepieceGorgeous in their crimson finery, the Ruby Red Orchids are equally at home in the kitchen diner, or in a more formal setting. Make these ‘ladies in red’ top of the guest list for your next dinner party.Online Price £59.00

Empress Orchid Centrepiece

Empress Orchid CentrepieceThe impressive Empress Orchid Centrepiece will make a statement wherever you choose to display it. Extravagant and magnificent it is a true monarch of the Orchis genus.Online Price £249.00

Spring Orchid in Globe Vase

Spring Orchid in Globe VaseExperience the soothing effects of our pink and yellow-tinged Phalaenopsis, or ‘Moth’, orchid. One of Japan’s most highly prized ornamental plants, and a Bloom favourite, this delicate silk interpretation is exotic, graceful and adds a touch of meditative calm to your home or office.Online Price £29.00

Orange Potted Vanda Orchid

Orange Potted Vanda OrchidThe Orange Potted Vanda Orchid is a wonderfully rich and complex shade of burnt orange. It’s almost as if the flowers had been steeped in sunshine and left to marinate over the summer.Online Price £69.00

Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid Centrepiece

Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid CentrepieceThe Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid Centrepiece captures the timeless beauty of the orchid with subtle ivory, cream and white petals emerging from a leafy base.Online Price £89.00

Saturn Orchid Centrepiece

Saturn Orchid CentrepieceInspired by colours of the rings around Saturn, combined with astonishingly lifelike realism is what makes our new Saturn Orchid so compelling.Online Price £129.00

Aphrodite Orchid Arrangement

Aphrodite Orchid ArrangementNamed after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, femininity and beauty, there is lots to love about this stunning piece. The Aphrodite orchid was discovered in 1704 by Georg Joseph Kamel, an early Jesuit missionary in the Philippines.Online Price £149.00

Orchid and Fern Garden

Orchid and Fern GardenWith orchids and ferns, and colour that turns from green to a snowy-white glow…. A new version of the nursery rhyme to announce a contemporary take on a traditional orchid garden.Online Price £199.00

Black Triple Phalaenopsis Orchid

Black Triple Phalaenopsis OrchidThe Black Triple Phalaenopsis is full of mystery and intrigue and guaranteed to be the the centre of attention, prompting the question “What a wonderfully dramatic plant.Online Price £99.00

Orange Bronze Orchid

Orange Bronze OrchidDuring the Victorian era, exotic orchids like this Orange Bronze variety were only found in the tropics. Extremely rare, and collected as a sign of luxury and refined taste, they were displayed in the homes of the affluent upper classes.Online Price £39.00

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