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Bold Accessories For Your Home Decor

Looking for table decor ideas to refresh your space? Those empty surfaces are filled with possibilities – just with a few additions you could transform your house into a completely new luxury home.

Use below Murano Glass Homeware to dress up your space, even it’s a small layout or a more formal setup. Whether you are an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover; our tabletop decor can be customized so that you are surrounded by the things you adore.

No matter your style, we’ve got a vast choice of different designs and colours, that can amp up your living and bring out your personality and taste. Spice up your home decor with bright pieces that will keep the conversation going!

Duality Dinner Seta

With so many decorating ideas for your coffee table, sideboard, console table, bookshelf and side table; deciding on the correct combination of colours and designs can be a challenge. Whether you are traditional, and love a timeless style, or glam, and need more embellishment in your life; our in-house team of interior designers is here to help you with selecting the right decorative items for your home!


Your coffee table decor can really change and uplift the living room. Along with how you decorate the side tables; it can anchor the areas and make a design statement. For example, your coffee table can house one of our Murano Glass Rectangular Boxes or Pectagonal Bowls, while having a beautiful flower arrangement using one of our personal favourites on your console table – Gema Vase.


The new collection of home decor will complement your home’s style and add flair to your decorative arrangements and accents. Whether you’re into classic, rustic, farmhouse or modern styling, and have a glass or wooden table; we offer the best selection of Murano Glass Homeware to decorate your living room.

Micucci Interiors was established in 2017 to allow everyone to find the most beautiful and unique Home Decor, Tabletop Accessories and Fine Art under one roof – something exclusive, luxury, bold, fun and quirky. Every day, our professional team of interior designers, art curators and stylists help our clients with sourcing special pieces for their homes and interior design projects. The entire collection displayed on our platform is carefully hand-picked and developed by our in-house Team together with the affiliated artists and artisans.

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