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Buying a Meaco product could Save you over £700 over Five Years

With soaring energy bills, energy efficiency in home appliances is more important than ever. Consumers need to know the cost of running any device, so they can make informed buying decisions. There is often the misconception that the lower cost product is the cheapest one to buy. But if it should cost them many hundreds of pounds more to run than a slightly more expensive alternative over its lifespan, then which is the right buying decision? Brands should be challenged to reveal the actual cost of running their appliances, so consumers have all the facts before them when it comes to making that all important purchasing buying decision.


Meaco, manufacturer of dehumidifiers, air purifiers and fans, has long understood the importance of saving consumers money, by creating quality products that fulfil customer needs, work quietly and efficiently, and all at a low running cost. Their Low Energy range was launched back in 2012, well before the energy price rises, to help minimise electricity bills, and since then they have worked hard to refine energy consumption, to ensure all our products are as energy efficient as possible. Their latest range of dual dehumidifiers and air purifiers, the MeacoDry Arete One range was created after 5 years of research and development, it uses less energy than competitor products, while still extracting more water from the air than most dehumidifiers, and therefore costs less to run.

Meaco have so much confidence in their superior build quality, they list the ‘cost to run per hour’ on every product page, something no other competitor does.  They have even updated these calculations with the massive price increase that we all suffered on April 1st for energy (to 28.3p an hour/kWh – accurate as of April 2022).

Meaco is also the only company to offer a five-year warranty for a dehumidifier, on the Arete One range of dehumidifiers, a testament that they are built to last.

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Meaco has also carried out its own “cost to run” comparison between competitor products. With other brands not revealing their running costs Meaco used the wattage levels listed on the manufacturer’s websites. This has revealed some startling facts. Carried out in April 2022 after the spring energy price rate rise, comparing the cost of running the Meaco Arete One 20L Dehumidifier with its peers, a saving of between £39.25 and £143 could be made a year based on just six hours use per day!  So, over 5 years, the length of the Arete One warranty, a saving of between £196.25 and £715.00 could be made. Even with a smaller 12L Arete One Dehumidifier the story was similar with savings of £19.01 to £92.59 per year, or £95.05 to £462.95. By having the information and making these important costs of running comparisons, a great deal of money can be saved over the lifespan of a product.

Meaco Managing Director Chris Michael said, “With household income being hit so hard at the moment we really want consumers to think not just about the purchase price of their dehumidifier but also how much it will cost them in electricity over several years.  Buy the wrong brand and you could lose out by over £700, which is crazy and not fair on consumers.

We urge all players in the industry to be transparent about their running costs and to look to join us in making their dehumidifiers more energy efficient so that consumers get a fairer deal.  We have proved that it can be done, and we urge our competitors to join us in delivering better quality products to British customers.”


The consumer association Which recently carried out similar testing themselves, which revealed that using an energy hungry kitchen appliance like a fridge or a washing machine, versus using an energy efficient model, can be very damaging to your wallet.

Another energy efficient product in the Meaco stable are their fans, designed to be cost efficient to run.  In low fan speed the MeacoFan 1056 can cool extremely efficiently for less than 10 watts. For a practical example, if you were to use the MeacoFan 1056 next to your bed, to keep you cool at night for 8 hours, for a month it would only cost about 70p.  A small price to pay for a better night’s sleep, let alone a month of better sleep!

With electricity costing so much these days research highlights why it is so important for us all to think carefully before buying an electrical product, paying a little bit extra for quality can save us a fortune in electricity within months.

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