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Crazy Chip Combo Recipes – Get Ready For The Chipocalypse

The British staple, fish and chips…can you name a more iconic duo? What about banoffee and chips? No? Ice cream and chips? Peanut Butter and Chips? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. Chips are the ultimate side dish but these insane recipes from Aviko are set to turn this humble side into the main event. Chips go with everything you know…

Bonkers Banoffee Biscoff Bake


Sweet and savoury is a classic combination but what if you pushed that to the extreme? If you’ve ever thought that banoffee was missing something then this one is for you. SuperCrunch Thick Cut Chips baked in brown sugar until golden and topped with Biscoff spread, banana, whipped cream, crushed biscuits, chocolate shavings and cocoa powder. You’ll be shouting chip chip hooray when you taste this!

Chilli Chip Roulette

Have your mealtimes gotten boring? Are you looking for a way to inject some danger into your dinner? Well, Chilli Chip Roulette is the dish for you. 6 mini, loaded SuperCrunch chip pots ranging from sweet to scorching! Each pot is topped with Mexican cheese and varying degrees of chilli, ranging from jalapeno to Carolina Reaper! Can you handle the heat? Work your way through our chip Scoville scale to test your stamina!

Chipperbocker Glory

We all like a little surprise hidden at the bottom of our Knickerbocker Glory, but is chocolate sauce really that surprising? Why not swap it out for some thick cut chips for a real surprise? The ultimate Chipperbocker Glory has layers of SuperCrunch Thick Cut Chips topped with ice cream, brownie chunks, fresh fruit, strawberry sauce and whipped cream. One for the milkshake dippers – you know who you are!



As an ode to the legend that is David Dickinson, this tongue in cheek creation is a nod to cheesy chips, but not in the traditional sense! SuperCrunch Chips part baked and then rolled in crushed Wotsits before finishing in the oven. The Wotsits provide that cheesy flavour we all know and love, paired with that famous David Dickenson ‘tan’. These are a real bobby-dazzler!



Are you condiment mad? Do you love to dip your fries? Well if Mayo and Ketchup just aren’t cutting it anymore then it’s time to take your condiment game to the next level. Aviko’s SuperCrunch Skin on fries are perfectly delicious, dipped in anything, and we really do mean anything. Think Sweet Strawberry Jam Ketchup, Spicy Raspberry Sriracha, Peanut Butter Pickle Dip and Expresso BBQ Sauce! What will your new favourite chip dip be?

Royal Chips

When the Queen has chips what kind of chips does she have? We’re actually not entirely sure, but this recipe must be close. SuperCrunch Thick Cut Chips topped with caviar, capers, prosecco crème fraiche and pickled shallots. Chips can be sophisticated too you know.

No Haters Taters


Marmite is a real love it or hate it kinda thing but this dish is bound to be loved by everyone. SuperCrunch Skinny Skin On Fries cooked in sticky Marmite and sweet maple syrup and loaded with crispy bacon bits and crunchy toasted pecans. Don’t be a hater!

Bake ‘n’ Shake

Remember ‘Salt & Shake’ crisps? Well, we just kicked it up a notch! Try Aviko’s new SuperCrunch Skin-On Chips with all the wacky seasoning options imaginable… Fry until golden, pop in a bag, add one of the below seasoning combinations and get shaking!

What’s your favourite bake ‘n’ shake flavour?

• Cumin, Turmeric & Salt,
• Crushed Oreo, Cocoa, Chilli & Salt,
• Crushed Biscoff, Sugar & Cinnamon,
• Chai Tea, Sugar & Orange Zest,
• Sumac, Lemon Zest & Parmesan.

Will you dare to try? We’d love to know what you think…

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