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DIY a Sweet Lollipop in Gloomy Days

The tough pandemic year 2020 has finally passed, but it seems the new year 2021 is still difficult for us as variants of the covid-19 have spread with increasingly ferocious speed in the world, which cast a shadow again over our isolated and bored daily life. Despite doom and gloom, we still could cherish hope by exploring something bright and cheerful to keep our inner peace. Let’s create a lovely DIY lighting shape with fairy lights to make the ordinary days special and unforgettable.

With a combination of practicality and design aesthetics, KooPower lights not only illuminate the indoor and outdoor spaces but also offer passion and inspiration to help you explore a lovely lighting decor world.

Micro fairy lights are a decorative and eco-friendly addition to the design scheme. KooPower introduces you a guide for making your home sparkle with the DIY sweet lollipop to spread delicacy and joy. Have a look at it.

Find a flexible and bendable wire and Coil it into a circle or any shape you love.

Dress the shape with micro fairy lights by putting them on the wire. The thin copper wire of the lights makes it easy to twist the string into various shapes and configurations. Smaller sized LED bulbs will add a delicate and cozy touch to your space.

Add the lovely DIY to your dining room, living room or bedroom, or windows or balcony, creating an exuberant atmosphere as you walk through the space.

DIY a Sweet Lollipop in Gloomy Days

Although so many unpleasant events happened during the past months, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. And, they also have reminded us of seizing our day and make every moment count. Try this lovely DIY and get a cheerful space.

KooPower is an increasingly popular lighting brand worldwide, specialized in decorative lights for the home and garden.

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