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Essential Tips to Clean Your Curtains

It is important to use the best available curtain cleaning services in your area. Before cleaning your window curtains, check the label for the right washing technique. For example, washing by hand is the ideal way to clean velvet or silk curtains. There are safety issues to put such thin material into the washing machine; Curtain Cleaning Melbourne is known for offering the best service and having professional curtain cleaners. DIY cleaning is suitable for the curtains of sturdy materials, and dry cleaning is best for other curtains materials.

Hand washing

When it comes to curtain cleaning of all types, hand washing is the safest option. It takes a little effort to fully clean your curtains. To make this work easier, use a detergent formulated to wash delicate materials. After choosing a detergent, read the instructions as concentrations differ. You must use cold water to wash the curtains of any fabric. Don’t use brushes or any other cleaning instruments as they demolish the fabric. As curtains take a good amount of water and detergents during the cleaning procedure, it takes a long time to dry completely. For better outcomes, air dries immediately after washing.

Dry cleaning

Curtain cleaning services also use dry cleaning; it works very well with light and colorful curtains. Other washing techniques may harm the curtains or drain their colors, so you need to be more careful. Initially, get the most suitable ‘dry cleaning at home kit’ with proper guidelines. To check if the fabric is colorfast, pour a small amount of detergent on an unnoticeable zone. If the color of the curtains blur, look for the different alternatives for cleaning. Always read the guidelines carefully. Like with washing by hand, do not use any rough brushes or instruments when dry cleaning curtains. Clean every curtain separately. After washing the curtains, put them away from direct sunlight. Heat demolishes the curtains, so do not iron them directly. Put a towel on top while ironing.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a technique preferred for the curtains to fit the washing machine but too big to fit. Clean curtains gently to eliminate dust, dirt, and spider webs. Move the steamer gradually upwards then downwards to cover them. Focus on tough stains left behind after washing and apply a good spot remover fit to the fabric.

Washing machines

Washing machines make curtains cleaning very simple, easy, and fast. Keep in mind; most curtains materials can’t be washed with high-temperature water as it leads to shrinkage. Consult the machine guidelines to determine the suitable temperature to wash and dry them. Make sure to put your dryer on the delicate cycle for safety. A moderate spin and cold water are best to wash high-quality curtains. Detergent formulated for the material of your curtain is always a good choice.

Keep yourself away from bleach or harsh detergents while cleaning curtains. Clean the light curtains with a washing machine while heavy curtains take a long time to dry completely.

The rinse cycle fails to clean heavy curtains. Air dries them for the best result.

Drying of the curtain after washing plays a key role in the cleaning of curtains. Failing to dry your curtains perfectly leads to mold and bad smell. To dry your curtains in little time, hang them outside on a sunny day with a breeze. Do not put them on very hot areas as direct sunlight harm many curtains fabrics. Find a partially shady spot instead. If it is suitable for the fabric, dry your curtains in a washing machine. Read the instructions carefully to lean the maximum temperature your curtains can bear.


Cleaning of curtains is necessary to keep your home in good condition. The fabric used to make them does not matter; you can always keep them in good condition by implementing the right methods.

In short, these all are some important tips to wash your curtains properly.

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