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Mattify, the luxury doormat brand; is back with a brand new look. Launched in 2019, Mattify quickly made waves in the homewares industry, finding a niche with a fashionable yet functional mat. From chic animal print and classic monochrome patterns to exotic tropical prints, Mattify boasts superior aesthetic quality with a dirt trapping quality.

Bringing the newest styles straight to your door, Mattify allows for creativity and individualism on even the most practical of products.

By effortlessly combining style with superior practical, durable and sustainable properties, Mattify doormats can cope with any of life’s adventures.

functional mat

Each doormat is made to order in the UK mill and is proud to support the local manufacturing industry. Exquisite craftsmanship skills are honed to expertly manufacture each and every doormat using a range of beautifully selected contemporary designs, all with a soft homely carpet feel.

Meanwhile, the highly unique concept of personalisation available allows for a truly bespoke offering, ideal as a gift or own purchase. From the humorous and cheeky, to the warmest of sentiments; personalised text, greetings, names and images can be applied in a variety of colours and fonts.

functional mat

When it comes to performance and safety though, durability and quality is certainly not compromised. Mattify doormats proficiently trap dirt, dust and moisture and are specially designed to cope with everyday life and footfall in a home, all the while improving the indoor air quality as particles are trapped on the mat and not released into the air.

Importantly, the mats can be washed and tumble dried over and over again at 40 degrees and come with a five-year guarantee.

functional mat

“Keeping a home clean and dirt-free starts at the front door with a robust doormat,”

comments Mattify owner Laura Brownhill.

“We were conscious of wanting to manufacture a highly functional product, that performed exceptionally well, could be reused time and time again – not a throwaway purchase – and ultimately, looked really good. Using our knowledgeable textile skills, we’ve been able to marry together contemporary, stylish and practical doormats, that allows the buyer a certain flair of creativity in personalising their purchase.”

For more information or to view the collections, please visit their website here.

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