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Furniturebox UK’s Room Planner Lets You Try Before You Buy with State-Of-The-Art Tech

Furntiurebox UK is revolutionising the way customers shop for furniture online as they launch the Room Planner (powered by Hullabalook). It allows customers to plan, visualise and then shop for their furniture. It’s a try-before-you-buy concept that’s rarely seen in the interior design and furniture world, but that’s something our Furniturebox founders want to change.

What Is The Room Planner?


The Room Planner is a fun, user-friendly 2D room visualiser. A ‘Look-Book’ / mood-board creator that lets customers set the size of a wall, customise wall colours and then drag and drop products into that virtual room. Users can browse pre-made rooms designed by the Furniturebox team or build their own from scratch. As customers add items, these are listed below with their prices, and a tallied total. All the items added to the virtual room can then be easily added to the basket for purchase. Users can also save their images and share them with friends.

Why is the Room Planner exciting?

The Room Planner is a fun, user-friendly 2D The Furniturebox founders, Dan Beckles and Monty George, explain why they’re so hyped about this.


Dan: The Furniturebox philosophy has always been that having a safe, comfortable home and stylish furniture should be for everyone. When we were both 17 and moving into our first places, we realised how hard it was to get nice furniture at a reasonable price on a next-day-delivery timescale. A huge gap in the market. So, we created Furniturebox UK.

Monty: Furniturebox has transformed the online furniture retail market. When we first started, there weren’t many other retailers offering what we do. It was frontier territory, and though other retailers have caught on and caught up, our continued success shows the demand for it and that we’re meeting it. This is the next step in us bringing flexibility and ease to our customers.

Part of the ‘New Normal’


Monty: The Covid Pandemic has had global implications and affected all of us. It’s dramatically changed how people shop, and fortunately, we were able to react to that very quickly. Younger people are far more comfortable with online shopping, but during the Pandemic we were seeing a shift in our demographic. People of all ages have been spending more time at home, realising how important their home space was, wanting – or needing – to invest in new furniture, and buying online has lost some of its stigma for some of our more mature customers.

The Funriturebox Room Planner can be a really useful tool in your early visualising / mood board stages right through to selecting furniture, matching colours and textures, and then buying your favourite pieces.

Reacting to Change Head-On

Monty: We’ve got a great relationship with our customer base. We engage and we listen. Our Customer Service team answer a lot of questions about our products even before they’ve been purchased. We’ve realised there’s a certain amount of hesitancy about buying furniture online, unlike with say, clothes shopping or even buying your glasses online these days.

When you want to buy a new shirt you can see it on a model, see it in videos, and easily visualise how it’ll look on you and with your other clothes. A new dining table, though, is bigger and harder to visualise in your own space, especially when you’ve only got static isolated photos of it to go on. The costs of returning something that doesn’t quite fit can also be a concern. So, we reached out to Hullabalook to build this room visualising tool. It takes that worry away, and lowers that potential feeling of risk for our customers.

Delivering The Ultimate Customer Experience


Dan: This is all about continuing to put the needs and wants of our customers first. Being able to use this cutting-edge tech, but keep it fun and easy to use, is a huge thing for us. It’s letting us replicate an in-store experience, where we’d dress the windows and set up displays to show how different pieces can work together. Better still, we’re letting our customers do that themselves too! We’re striving to deliver the best experience we can for all our customers.

We want this to be fun, like a game and for people to share their creations with their friends. We want people to feel invited into our virtual shop and spend time getting to know our products and figuring out how they could work in their own home.

“It’s so helpful for making decisions about styles and colour schemes! You can really see what goes well together and create cohesive plans before committing to anything. It takes away that uncertainty.”

– Laura, Room Planner test user.

Furniturebox UK's Room Planner Lets You Try Before You Buy with State-Of-The-Art Tech

How Does Room Planner Work?

Hullabalook’s innovative Sticker technology lets shoppers select different paint colours for their wall, different floor colours, and swap and change furniture for the space. They can choose the size of their wall and all future selected will automatically scale to match.

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