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Home Statements Made Easier

Homebody Décor is a new style of interior accessories website that has been launched on to the market. This website encourages the customer to choose the type of style they want to achieve and then shop it. No tiresome website searching, just a simple way of creating a home style statement.

Not everyone has the time or budget to keep re-styling their home to be in line with the current trends. By taking an interior magazine ethos, Homebody Décor inspires with items that fit into a specific style – a version of a “capsule wardrobe” for your home.

Homebody Decor

Their boutique range of accessories and furniture adds a statement to any home, helping to provide either a little refresher or makeover to an interior without having to wallpaper an entire room for the tenth time this year, to achieve a high end look and stay on trend.

Homebody’s edits are comprised of quirky, weird and wonderful items with sophisticated and luxurious styling. Their statement pieces are based on key interior trends and these hand-picked accent items are affordable, as well as stylish.

Homebody Décor was born out of frustration with ‘not quite finding’ the right item, at a good price, to suit a specific look. After hours of hunting for products under a product type rather than a style, Homebody Décor owner, Jenny Myers, decided that this was a unique way of developing a home interior’s e-commerce site.

Following the renovation of a number of houses, including a Grade 2 listed cottage, and with over a decade of experience in Shopper Marketing for large FMCG companies, Jenny decided to throw caution to the wind and invest in setting up Homebody Décor. She has not looked back since!

Home Statements Made Easier

With an ever-increasing following on social media sites as well as blogger and regional press endorsement, this site is set to be a different and interesting way to shop for home accessories and furniture.

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