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Homeowners are taking to the Floor: Top Flooring Trends 2021

Working from home and home-schooling pressures have prompted home owners to find ways they can make their interior choices work harder and provide more functionality.

According to Google Trends, data from early January shows that searches for carpets and floors surged 65% in the last three weeks.

However, with retail stores closed across the UK, how can we curate the look we want as well as gain expert guidance on selection and purchase?

One company tapping into the growing online market for flooring and revolutionising the way consumers shop for aesthetics and function when it comes to their carpets and floor is Tapi.

They have pivoted and transformed their business to allow people to shop for products in the comfort of their own home, with online video appointments and free home consultations. Tapi’s carpet and flooring collections come in an array of colours and styles and its customer service reviews are second to none. As a brand, their immediate aim is to make life a little easier for those of us who know that now is the time to invest in new flooring.

Tapi offers an insight into flooring colours and looks that are trending and why flooring is the foundation of the home.

Biophilla in bloom

Transforming an interior space into more of an experience or satisfying usage is key and Biophillia – the integration of nature as a focal point – as a trend isn’t going to disappear any time soon. A biophilic home will boast flooring that reduces stress and improves creativity while featuring forms and materials that emulate those found in the great outdoors. You can achieve the look with Luxury Vinyl Flooring tiles (LVT), which offer a similar appearance to natural materials like wood or harder stone and concrete, but remain comfortable, smooth and warm under foot. It’s a sophisticated option for homes both traditional and modern.

Beige is back

As a nation, the numerous lockdowns have helped us reconnect with nature and review and re-shuffle our priorities. We have a newfound love of the simple things which has allowed us to feel grounded. This change invites warm and earthy tones to come to the fore and replace the gloomy greys of 2020. In fact Tapi reports that searches for beige, browns, light wooden colour palettes in carpet and flooring has risen six fold in the last 12 months (Average page views for beige colour searches 110 per day to 700 per day). Tapi’s BEDOUIN carpet in beige lines or brown hobnail adds visual texture and depth to a room, providing a firm foundation for a deeper connection with nature. It’s the perfect pairing for original stonework, exposed wooden beams, natural materials but also sets the scene to allow statement items of furniture and pops of colour to shine.

Floorward thinking

Brits are reporting higher traffic than normal in their homes and so some are opting to open up space and choose function over feel-appeal. Whether you require new work stations, fitness suites or child-friendly dining areas there’s a long tick-list of objectives when choosing or replacing flooring. These include stain resistance for those messy meals, waterproof so floors can handle spills, UV resistance if in areas catching direct sunlight, the right acoustics for video calls or lively households and of course budget. Solid hardwood flooring is often expensive to purchase and install but Tapi’s Everywhere LVT range has been developed to cover all bases. The technology is so good that it can replicate the look of real wood but appeal to homeowners that need a hard-working, multi-function floor. It has built in underlay, stability in all temperature conditions and it’s made from100% recyclable materials.

Blended schemes

You can style a whole room or space from the floor up, so choosing a carpet or flooring style can arguably be one of the hardest tasks when designing a new look or interiors scheme. Yet this year will see us embracing creativity when it comes to fusing new and old. The nation’s love affair with Netflix series Bridgerton, which harmoniously blends the Regency era’s extravagance and decadence with modern glamour and clean lines, will stimulate confidence to do the same in our own homes.

One trend we are likely to see push through here is layering, adding different textures and tones to bedrooms and living spaces with modern flooring and large patterned area rugs framing grand furniture.

Wool and woven


A quick scroll on Instagram will no doubt give you the perception that a wool and woven rug is an absolute must-have item. However, this natural material has become such a desirable designer favourite that it’s being laid end to end. Wool and woven carpets are extremely cosy and exude elegance but it’s also more durable than you’d expect. It has a natural elasticity which makes it bounce back and because it’s made from pure wool, this carpet choice can act as an insulator. The beauty of the properties of wool together with the stain resistant qualities of man-made fibres make today’s wool carpets the perfect choice and so they are adorning bedrooms, landings, hallways and snugs. They are versatile enough to add individual styling for wow-factor staircases too such as wide-taped ends for runners or coloured whipping to add contrast and visual appeal.

Pretty pattern

Perhaps the doom and gloom surrounding the pandemic has propelled us to get busy and bold as patterns, geometrics and colour are also showing signs of a resurgence. It’s the most delightful details of pattern that can add romance, fun and ignite emotion to a space. Bolder flooring lends itself well to high traffic areas or spaces which can draw in a visitor and lead them through to other areas of the home.

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