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How New Sash Windows Save Your Money

We all want to save money wherever possible and sometimes the best way to do so is to invest in products that will offer cost savings in the long-term.

You may not be aware that by installing new sash windows there are a number of benefits you can enjoy that will lower you expenditure and help you reduce spending. Below we explain the many ways in which new sash windows save you money.

Heat loss with old windows

Spending money on new sash windows is a long-term investment that will ultimately pay for itself. And that refers to financial savings and not just in the value they bring to your life.

The wide range of glazing options mean you can easily upgrade from the original single pane glass to double, triple, solar or laminated, each offering their own unique benefits. However, most beneficial of all will be the higher levels of insulation you’ll be able to enjoy, which helps to lower energy bills during the colder months of the year.


Thicker glass means less heat is transferred via the glazed pane, so the heating is used less as a result. You’ll quickly see these savings on your energy bill so you end up spending less each year. The money saved here will soon add up and be comparable to the money spent on installing the new sash windows. And once that equals out, the longer the new windows remain in place, the more money you’ll save.

Better sound isolation

Another great benefit of installing new sash windows is the improved sound insulation you’ll receive. When installed with double, triple or acoustic glazing, the sound transfer from outside into your home will be greatly reduced.

Controlling sound pollution plays a big role in being able to enjoy the comfort of your own home, especially for those living in built-up urban areas. Whether you live near a railway line, busy road, or close by to a flight path, external noise can stop you from feeling comfortable enough to relax.

Spending time at home is all about quality of life and if you have noisy neighbours or ongoing interference from elsewhere you aren’t likely to feel rested. Installing new sash windows with better glazing can change all that and allow you to forget the outside world once in your home.

Operational issues

The fact is that operational issues with old and worn day sash windows will cost you money in the long run. There are a number of components that enable a sash window to work, although like any other window, over time these will require maintenance due to wear and tear of use.

Some of the most common problems with sash windows are related to weights and pulleys, along issues with the beads and cords. If these are not maintained they could deteriorate to the point where the window struggles to open or close, requiring you to seek out replacements.

If you do not keep up with the required maintenance it may reach the point where installing new sash windows is a cheaper alternative to repairing them. The older the windows are, the more problems they are likely to face, and without specialist care the quality can degrade due to weather exposure and ongoing use.

Depending on the size and number of windows needed, new sash windows could be the ideal solution, giving you fantastic looking windows that look just as unique as the originals while also being easier to operate and maintain.

Aesthetics of your home

Installing or repairing sash windows won’t just save you money, they can also attract more money in the long run.

This is true when it comes to adding value to your property. Sash windows are a traditional feature that is not part of the modern day building architecture, which tend to opt for cheaper uPVC windows instead to keep development costs down.

Sash windows are a truly standout feature that maintain the original, classic style of the property and as such as are highly sought after by buyers. This is even more true if you have installed double or triple glazing, as not only do the windows have the traditional look and feel, but are just as energy efficient as any other alternative.

The property market is a competitive place and by being able to offer unique features that other buildings do not have, you stand out from the crowd and should be able to attract higher builds as a result.

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