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How to Add Some Luxury to Your Home in 2021

One of the best things about decorating your home is that you can choose to design and decorate it however you like. This is great for most people, but others need a bit of inspiration. Lucky for us, interior designers and even those with stunning homes have opted to share pictures of their homes on social media and online. Lately, we have been noticing that a lot more of these people and designers have been adding some luxury to their homes in different ways. Could luxury be the trend for 2021? Keep reading to find out how you could add some beautiful luxury to your home this year.

Have a feature wall

One of our first recommendations is to develop a feature wall either in your bedroom or living area – or both! There are many different benefits to having a feature wall but overall, they provide a wonderful opportunity to experiment with different things to let it truly stand out in your home. Interior experts recommend that you opt for an unusual, bright or uncommon texture, colour, pattern and such so you can let the wall pop out. This is a great way to impress guests and also add a little spice to your interior.

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Some of the amazing feature walls we see online consist of various digital prints, brightly coloured patterns and bespoke artwork. The feature wall usually stays the main focal point of the room, so it would be wise to tone it down elsewhere to ensure it really stands out.

Invest in luxury lighting

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Secondly, there is nothing more luxurious than some luxury lighting! All across social media, we are seeing people invest in the most stunning light features for their bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas. What’s great about lighting is that it can be the main feature of a room or it can act as a wonderful accent piece to tie the whole room together. Interior design websites such as consist of stunning luxury lighting pieces to add something extra to your home. Some of the products offered on the site consist of lovely designed lamp bases and silk lampshades. What better way to spruce up your space?

Replace your floors

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Finally, and many people tend to forget about this part, but updating your flooring can add some luxury to your home – 2021 isn’t too late to do so! Did you know that various types of flooring can add value to your home? We were so impressed to see this as whilst being a good investment for the time being, it pays off in the future too. Different types of flooring that are considered luxurious are solid hardwood floors, engineered wood and carpets. They are quite expensive, but they come with a whole host of benefits. Just be mindful about where you lay them because each has different properties and cleaning requirements!

Overall, adding luxury to your home is a great décor tip for 2021.

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