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How to Choose the Correct Ready-Made Curtains for Your Home

Curtains are not just a fashion choice to improve the room’s aesthetics and match the carpet. They serve various functions, such as blocking out sunlight and noises from the room or even preserving heat. But how do you pick the right style for the occasion? In this article, we’re here to help you select the best curtains to hang in your home.

Differences Between Ready-Made Curtains and Made-to-Measure Curtains

There are a few notable differences between these two options. Made-for-measure curtains are certainly an excellent choice to improve a more luxurious home. However, ready-made curtains are a great way to have a hassle-free shopping experience and still get a variety of options available to choose from. Here are the major talking points to consider.


Ready-made curtains come in an array of standard widths, ranging between 112cm, 167cm, and 228cm. Do note that this is the width of one curtain, and a packet usually contains a pair. Most ready-made models will fit on standard windows and doors, so you shouldn’t have a problem unless you’ve customized your carpentry extensively. The drop of the curtains can also vary between 137cm, 183cm, and 228cm. If the drop height doesn’t suit your home’s interior design, trimming the ready-made curtains will be a relatively simple procedure. Most manufacturers can do that in-house before the curtains are shipped to you.

Made-to-measure curtains offer more customization options. Since the design is fully custom, you can pick whatever width and drop you prefer.


Don’t be fooled by made-to-measure curtains. While there’s a variety of design options to choose t from, most will come at a premium. Ready-made curtains can have elaborate designs that can easily match the custom models at a more affordable price and without having to peruse many shops to get it right. With today’s market options, you can choose between all the major curtain types and be sure that the ready-made model will be able to accommodate your every need.


Depending on the type of curtain you choose, the price premium for custom models can easily hike up the cost. Ready-made models are the preferred choice for homeowners on a budget, especially if the curtains are in guest rooms that don’t get as much use. Simple-looking models can still be lined properly without sacrificing the overall textile and manufacturing quality.


Types of Ready-Made Curtains

When picking out the perfect curtain, you’ll need to consider the room’s positioning and climate. There are three lining types, which behave differently and have different price points.

Unlined curtains are the simplest. They are often sheer and have the least lining and light blocking. They are perfect for warm summer days when you want to open the curtains and enjoy the view.

Lined curtains can have various lining types, often to increase the curtain thickness and improve their durability. Blackout curtains are a particular type of lined curtains. The dense textiles work wonders to block almost all incoming light. They also reduce the noise coming from outside the window, making them perfect for windows facing busy streets. Thermal curtains are another type of lined curtains, which have a thicker lining that insulates heat better. Some ready-made curtains are both blackout and thermal lining.

Interlined curtains have added fabric between the curtain front and lining. They feel thicker and softer to the touch and are heavier as a result. In most cases, you’ll need a higher-quality curtain pole to hang them with.

How to Choose the Right Gather?

Since ready-made curtains come with three strict widths available, you have fewer options on how to pick the correct gather. There’s no right answer to how much gather you need for curtains. For example, two 167cm curtains will give you roughly 1.5 times to gather on a 200cm window. These curtains won’t look as full as they can be, but will certainly look more luxurious than if you were to use almost no gather at all (with the 112cm pair).

Heavier fabrics don’t benefit as much from the added gather and may work against you weight-wise. Of course, one detail you can’t miss out on is the price. Since you need more fabric, you’ll pay more if you want the added gather.

The final consideration will be the curtain top. Pencil pleat curtains don’t look as full as tab top curtains regardless of their width, but they might not need the extra gather to look great anyway.

Can You Combine Two Ready-Main Curtains?

If you have two curtain rods or a double-mount, you can buy a sheer curtain and a thicker one to put above it. The sheer curtain will block some of the excessive sunlight, and the more luxurious, lined curtain will provide the room with a more comfortable aesthetic appeal.

Are Ready-Made Curtains Worth It?

With an abundance of styles at your disposal and excellent price points, ready-made curtains are a preferred choice if you don’t want the hassle of choosing the correct fabric or carefully measuring the entire room’s worth of carpentry. Their drop can be customized to suit your needs, and you can focus your effort and budget on other parts of the room that might deserve it more.

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