Friday, June 14, 2024

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How to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

As the weather gets colder and the festivities come to an end, transform your home into a cozy retreat by adding a warm and welcoming touch to your interior this winter. Lights4fun reveal their top tips for making your home the ultimate place to be.

The simplest and most effective way to add a cozy feel to your home this winter is through fairy lights! Micro lights are the perfect addition, creating a subtle sparkle to the darkest of corners. Lights4fun’s Micro Fairy Lights have a super flexible wire for fuss free styling. Twist and bend to shape, creating an effective golden glow. Style along shelves or entwine amongst foliage to add light and warmth on a crisp winter’s evening.

Take away the Christmas blues and add a glow to your home by draping string lights along your walls. Add some sparkle to your space with silver capped globe string lights filled with warm white microlights that will add a refresh to any room (pro tip –you can bring these outside in the warmer months!) Pair with fairy lights styled on table tops and sideboards to welcome a cozy, evening glow.

Complete by adding a statement finishing touch to your interior with the help of a classic glass dome or two. Their rounded design welcomes a sophisticated look as you transition from a festive sparkle into a cozy glow. Complete the look by filling your dome with warm white micro lights, adding a wow-factor to your space.

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