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Interior Design Trends For 2022

The new year always brings the promise of fresh starts, plenty of new opportunities, and a trend to follow, right? And achieving that trendy home decor you always wanted is now easy: this is the ultimate guide of trends to follow during this year.

Natural Materials


Rebelling against non-sustainable materials is one of the trends of 2022. The world of interior design is now looking for long-lasting furniture in order to create spaces that live longer.

One Domkapa’s big example of this trend is Mano Coffee Table: without shouting in bright colors, it makes a statement with its curved design.

Natural Lighting


Bringing the outdoors in was a trend enhanced by the pandemic so it has global influence. It taught us to value nature and how much it is a part of our well-being. It brings us a relaxing sensation if composed with light-friendly reflector elements, like light colors, shiny surfaces, the right flooring, glass, and light furniture.

Interior design with access to daylight will feel much more comfortable and will set the mood.

Down To Earth


The wave of earth tones reminds us of how magical mother nature is and how homely are these colors, especially in upholstery. It’s time for you to maintain visual interest in your interior design and be bold!

And that’s why you need to meet Alexander Armchair: a functional piece with an additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight. This timeless armchair coordinates perfectly its materials in a one-of-a-kind piece.

Comforting Curvature


Recurring to subtle shapes is the best way to create a strong and meaningful impact in every interior. It will add length to an area but make your space with a strong and meaningful impact as the modern seating Disruption always do!

Curvy and simple, Disruption Sofa satisfies any desire for comfort making it a timeless seating piece with seductive curves.


Do you want to bring a different accent to your home? Choose textured fabrics in your upholstery and you’ll get yourself a work of art.


It is a provocative way to get your personality flowing into your home decor but it will make you love your home every time your eyes move. Leather, wicker and rattan, a touch of brass – you choose! When it comes to textures, more is more!

High-quality materials and heritage elements are the main characteristics of what you can expect from us. From armchairs to sofas or even coffee tables, we have the best trendy handmade solution for your home decor.

Established in 2009, Domkapa is an upholstery specialized brand based in Northern Portugal. Domkapa value the combination of four main elements: manual sewing techniques, high design solutions, comfort, and high-quality materials.

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