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Introducing the New VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car

Cleaning Has Never Been Easier with the Most Innovative Cordless Vacuum

Control your clean with the new VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car – VAX’s best ever cordless vacuum.

This brand new addition to the VAX ONEPWR floorcare range combines the most innovative features with new VersaClean Technology and a CleanControl real-time display, to offer high performance whole home cleaning.

With up to 90 minutes runtime(1), the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car is perfect for homes with pets and kids, as you’ll have plenty of time to clean without recharging.

Its two removable ONEPWR 4.0Ah batteries allow you to clean with one whilst charging the other and effectively remove large and small debris from carpets, hard floors, furnishings and more.

With its range of additional tools, you can even tackle hard to reach spaces all around your home and car. In addition, two brand new advanced technology features make the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car a must have for busier homes:

  • Control your clean with CleanControl – VAX’s new digital, full-colour display which tells you everything you need to know. It works in synergy with the intelligent, brushless motor and VersaClean Technology to show how much runtime you have in real-time based on the cleaning mode selected, allowing you to really be in control of your clean.Easy-to-read indicators on the display make it simple to see which cleaning mode is in use, carpet or hard floor, and even when boost mode has been selected if tougher cleaning is required. Handy maintenance alerts are also displayed on the digital panel, so you’ll know exactly when is the ideal time to clean or even replace the filter, to keep the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car performing at its best.
  • VersaClean Technology – skilfully engineered with two brush bars for optimum pick-up and a thorough clean across a variety of surfaces around the home. The soft roller at the front moves easily across hard floors, lifting dust and large debris, whilst the bristled brush bar at the back works deep into carpet fibres to lift stubborn dirt and pet hair, allowing you to make light work of removing mess left behind by kids and pets. It’s straightforward to remove the brush bar and roller to keep them clean and working efficiently, plus you don’t need any tools in order to do so.


There are no boundaries with the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car. The cordless convenience and versatile range of tools means you can easily clean all around your home, and even take your vacuum outside to clean cars, caravans, and motorhomes. Its flexible powered hose is compatible with all the tools to make cleaning hard to reach spaces a breeze, plus a handy Tech Tool is also included, which has been designed with soft bristles for the delicate cleaning of keyboards, gadgets and screens.

Pet owners and those living in busier households will also welcome the additional mini motorised pet tool, which is designed to make light work of tougher cleaning and so is perfect for cleaning pet beds, car boots and upholstery. The floorhead has an antimicrobial coated brush bar too, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, meaning you can be sure of a hygienic clean time after time. Not only that, but the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car features a new anti-odour filter, with a layer of carbon to help keep pet odours at bay as you clean.

The new VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car has even been approved by the UK’s trusted Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). Reshma Akhter, GHI’s Expert Tester says: “The VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car cordless vacuum is equipped with powerful suction, intuitive controls and a sleek display screen so that you can choose how you vacuum around your home! With a vast selection of features and a cordless design, cleaning has never been easier. Well worth the investment.”

Summary of Features


The VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car combines a multitude of features and advanced technology, to make it our best ever cordless vacuum:

• New CleanControl – this new digital display tells you everything you need to know, meaning you are always in control of your clean. Its indicators show your runtime in real-time and which cleaning mode is in use, plus maintenance reminders let you know when the ideal time is to clean or replace the filter.
• New VersaClean Technology – two brush bars provide optimum pick-up on carpets and hard floors throughout the whole home, by agitating and lifting both large debris and hidden dust and dirt.
• Up to 90 Minutes Runtime(2) – with two removable and rechargeable ONEPWR 4.0Ah batteries included, you can extend your runtime when you need it most and easily achieve the whole home clean.
• Anti-Odour Filter – a layer of carbon helps to keep your home smelling fresh by neutralising unpleasant odours as you clean, making the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car perfect for cleaning up after pets and kids.
• Versatile Tools for Whole Home Cleaning – the flexible powered hose is compatible with all the included tools, allowing you to easily clean awkward and hard to reach spaces around the home and even in the car. Designed for high performance cleaning, a compact mini motorised pet tool is also included, which agitates and lifts stubborn dirt and pet hair. Cleaning gadgets and screens is easy with the tech tool, and the 2-in-1 tool combines a crevice and dusting brush to help you clean everything from narrow areas like skirting boards up to the corners of the ceilings. There’s even a QuickClean tool too; simply remove the pole and the angled nozzle is ready to use when you need it.
• Antimicrobial Protection – for extra peace of mind, VAX’s antimicrobial treatment helps to protect the brush bar bristles from bacteria and fungi by preventing their growth.
• DustVault – our three stage filtration technology ensures that up to 99.8% of particles(3) like fine dust and pet dander down to 0.3 microns in size are captured in the dirt bin.
• Easy Access Controls – switch between carpet and hard floor modes at the touch of a button with conveniently located controls. For tougher cleaning tasks and when extra power is required, select Boost Mode.
• Easy Steer Technology – makes this lightweight cordless vacuum easy to handle and manoeuvre around busier homes. The 2-in-1 design also means the simple click of a button converts the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car from upright handstick to handheld, allowing you to clean floors, above the floor surfaces and furnishings with ease.
• No loss of suction(4) – the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car maintains constant high pick-up performance, even when the dirt bin is full.
• Fast Charging – the ONEPWR charging dock has you ready to vacuum again in as little as three hours, or less if you just need a quick clean.
• Removable Bin – when the dust bin is full simply detach and empty at the touch of a button.
• Wall mount – for easy storage when not in use.

Where to buy?

VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car

VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Dual Pet & Car with up to 90 minutes runtime(5) and two 4.0Ah batteries, RRP £449.99.

Also available is the VAX ONEPWR Blade 5 Pet with up to 45 minutes runtime(6) and a single 4.0Ah removable battery, RRP £379.99. This model does not include the flexible powered hose or the tech tool.

All VAX ONEPWR Blade cordless vacuums are supplied with a free toolkit worth £50 only when bought direct from their website or Amazon UK.

Established in 1977, floorcare experts VAX provide a wide range of products to meet your home’s cleaning needs, including cordless vacuum cleaners, carpet washers, spot cleaners, steam cleaners and cleaning solutions. Based in Droitwich, Worcestershire, floorcare products lead the way in innovation and their mission continues to be making cleaning quicker, easier and more enjoyable.

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