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Investing in an Air Conditioner doesn’t have to cost a fortune this Summer

A typical British summer consists of regular spells of extremely hot and humid weather, usually one week per month from late Spring to early Autumn. The discomfort this can cause has been heightened as more people are now working from home, with concentration levels affected and sleep patterns disturbed.

“Air conditioning is widely regarded as the best way of delivering truly cooled air into a room. However with household budgets stretched and many people worried about rising energy prices, cost effective cooling solutions are vital,” comments Chris Michael, MD of leading air purifier specialists Meaco.  Here he gives his tips on keeping a room cool so that once switched on, an air conditioner runs as cost effectively as possible.

Try and stop the room from getting hot before turning on the air conditioner to save money

It’s important to try to not let the room get hot in the first place, so keep windows, curtains and blinds closed throughout the day to stop the heat from the sun warming up the room. If you need to open a window to allow fresh air through into the space, then only open the window when the outside air temperature is cooler than the room temperature.


Create a through breeze

If you do want some fresh air, then look to open windows and doors at opposite ends of the house or room so that you get a through breeze and you are not just increasing the temperature of the room by trapping even more hot air within the room. When you do open doors and windows keep blinds and curtains closed to prevent solar gain from heating up the room.

Pre-cool your bedroom

If getting a good night’s sleep is the main purpose of the air conditioner, then we know that putting the air conditioner on mid-afternoon, with the blinds and curtains drawn and the door closed, is the key to efficiently cooling the room down ready for bedtime. Aim for an ideal bedroom temperature of around 18°C (65°F). Temperatures over 24°C (71°F) are likely to cause restlessness, while a cold room below 16°C (60°F) will make it difficult to fall asleep.

Precooling a room will ensure the air conditioner will run more cost efficiently, and can be easily done through use of the air conditioner’s timer.

Turn off electrical devices

All electrical products give off heat, so if items are not being used, turn them off. This saves money in terms of electricity and stops them from warming the room up more than necessary.

Sleep Cool

Look at using sheets and not duvets in the hotter months for bedding, made from natural fibres such as cotton or linen for extra cooling. The same goes for pyjamas, which can be placed in the freezer for a short while before bed.

Sleep with pets on the bed? Their body heat might be welcome in the winter, less so on a hot summer’s night! Instead try putting a hot water bottle in the freezer and then place it somewhere comfortable in your bed to snuggle up to.

Have a warm shower or bath about 30 minutes before bedtime to relax and help your body to cool naturally. It should be warm, as your body will react to taking a cold shower and will push blood to your skin to warm you up.


Keep a glass of cool water handy to keep hydrated if you wake up feeling hot and bothered.

Meaco has a range of portable air conditioners, the MeacoCool MC Series, with an Energy Rating of A, making them Meaco’s most energy efficient air conditioners yet, allowing you to enjoy a cooler summer without having to worry about your energy bills. Not only has the energy efficiency increased, but by using the new R290 refrigerant they are much more environmentally friendly. There are six BTU model sizes to choose from, providing localised cooling in rooms from 12M² to 36m².  In the low fan speed setting, the sound pressure level of just 53dB(A) makes this an easy portable air conditioner to live with. Pre-cooling a bedroom is easy to do with the timer function that allows users to set both an on and off timer from anytime between one and 24 hours. Pre-cooling a bedroom for a few hours each day with a mid-size A rated portable air conditioner will cost less than £1 per day, which is worth it if it enables you to get a better nights’ sleep.  An easy-to-use remote control provides full control of the air conditioner, enabling the user to adjust the temperature and engage a sleep mode to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Established in 1991 Meaco is a leading air purification specialist whose products include award winning dehumidifiers, fans, air purifiers, air conditioners and humidifiers. A winner of multiple Which? “Best Buy”, and Good Housekeeping Institute Tried and Tested Awards, and achieving the Quiet Mark status for a number of its products, Meaco’s expertise is unrivalled.

Meaco has long understood the importance of saving consumers money, by creating quality products that fulfil customer needs, work quietly and efficiently, and all at a low running cost. Their Low Energy range was launched back in 2012, and with so much confidence in their superior build quality, they list the ‘cost to run per hour’ on every product page, something no other competitor does. For consumers to have this information, a great deal of money can be saved over the lifespan of a product.

Read here how buying a Meaco product instead of a competitors could save consumers over £700 over 5 years.

With its commitment to the environment and sustainability, Meaco no longer uses any polystyrene packaging for its fans, air purifiers and humidifiers, but 100% recyclable cardboard eggshell packaging.

All Meaco products come with a two-year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option of extending the warranty to a total of five years. Its range of Arete One dual dehumidifier and air purifiers are the first to come with a five year warranty as standard.

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