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Is This HeatWell Portable Heater Any Good?

As winter approaches, with the need for a cost effective heat source to keep you warm on days when the temperature drops to single digits. “Space heaters” seem to be the way to go for convenience and for ease of use, however, purchasing the ideal brand of space heater is the most integral part of preparing to stay warm- therefore you need an in-depth analysis on some suitable options to help you make your choice. On this review we take a deep dive into the Portable Heater Portable heater.

In this day and age where innovative technologies are leaning towards clean and renewable energy, it would make the most sense to purchase a space heater which has a low energy consumption while maximizing the power output it provides.

Does the Portable Heater check these boxes? With this in-depth analysis, you get to see the intricacies and nuances this space heater offers. Buckle up.

What is Portable Heater?

HoneyWell Portable Heater is a portable space heater avilable everywhere. The compact nature of the device makes it suitable for most spaces. It uses convection which is a mode of heat transfer to circulate the heat effectively through the space in which it is being used.

Portable Heater

The Portable Heater is powered by Electricity, the most convenient way to install it would be to mount it by plugging it into a wall outlet, that way it can function at max efficiency; with the temperature settings, you get to choose the temperature at which you want the device to function at.

All Specifications.

High-Definition LED Display.

“High definition” may be a bit of a stretch as a description for the display interface, however, it is super clear and easy to read. The LED display aids in the operation of the unit, using that as a guidance system, you can set the temperature which is most suitable for the environment as well as employ the other functions of the device.

Not to state the obvious, but it would be impossible to use the device without a display.


The Portable Heater weighs ~ 0.88 pounds which is approximately 0.4 kg, in my opinion, that is super lightweight for a space heater. The lightweight nature of the device is an added advantage because of the way the Portable Heater is designed to be powered, which is plugged directly into a power outlet or socket on a wall.

The weight would cause no issues to the socket, such as causing it to break or even break the device itself in case of a fall.



The dimensions of the Portable Heater are 2.8D x 4.3W x 6.5H Inches. With these dimensions, it’s safe to proclaim that the device barely takes up any space compared to other counterparts on the market.

You could simply plug it into an outlet and forget about it because depending on where it is installed, it would remain inconspicuous.

Power Output.

The estimated heat output for the device is about 350W, blasted at full power, this level of power output (if accurate) is enough heat to keep you warm on chilly nights. As for the area which it is capable of covering, that may depend on a few factors such as; Ambient Temperature, Dimension of the room and some nuances which I would rather not get into.

Bottom line is, 350W is a great power output for such a small device.


It is equipped with a built-in timer which is from the range of 1-12hours. What this means is, you can simply plug in the device, regulate the temperature and set the timer for the duration which you want it to go on for and go about your daily chores/business.

When the time which you set elapses, the device will automatically turn off by itself which means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the device. This is a super convenient feature of Portable Heater.


It also comes with Microbial Filter in the device which helps “filter” the air that it circulates. For context, I will give a brief, and I can not stress that enough, super brief description of how the Portable Heater functions; it takes air from the atmosphere and through convection, the fan in the device blows the heated air back out through the front of the device.

Portable Heater

The air coming into the device is usually contaminated with dust and some microbial particles. The filter helps regulate the spread of dust. Does it make sense? That makes the Microbial filter important, for health and hygiene purposes.


Ceramic Heating Plate.

The exterior of the Portable Heater is made partly of a Heat Proof ceramic material which helps prevent the device from causing harm or burn to the user while it is functioning. This material makes it less of a fire hazard in case the device comes in contact with flammable objects like curtains and stuff.

The ceramic heating plate also helps with the proper circulation of heat as it is not lost to the environment through the body, most of the heat produced is circulated through the vent.

Overheat Protection.

The Portable Heater is equipped with a fail-safe that makes the device trip off whenever there is an indication of overheating. What this means is that, if for any reason the device goes way above the regulated temperature, due to internal or external influences. The Space heater will switch off and will not turn back on until the temperature is back to normal.

The convenience of this particular feature can not be exaggerated.

180° Rotating Wall 3-Jack.

The Plug which you connect to a power outlet is a 3-jack and can be rotated 180° to direct the heat flow depending on where the device is being used. This feature also comes in handy if the location of your power outlet has spatial constraints, the ability to tilt the device 180° will help you overcome this issue and make it easy to use the device almost anywhere.

Compact and Portable.

The size and weight of the Portable Heater make it super compact and portable, which means it’s easy to carry around and it does not occupy that much space. You can carry it in a bag if you want to use it at the office or during camping, or you can simply leave it in a drawer or desk and it will fit.

The portability makes it an amazing gift during Christmas. I know firsthand how difficult it is to purchase the right gifts which will not only be useful but would also be affordable. This checks all the boxes.


The exterior is made of a sturdy material which is Ceramic and Plastic based, the sturdy nature helps protect the device from falls at heights. The fact that you have to plug it directly into a socket makes it prone to falls. The durability gives the device a long shelf life.

The fact that it’s sturdy does not mean the device should be manhandled because it can indeed break, it’s durable, not indestructible, if purchased should be handled with care.


The device is super quiet while it is functioning, which makes it ideal for the home and even professional work space. When used in a bedroom, you’ll still have a good night’s rest because the sound of the device is barely audible enough to interrupt your sleep.

Provided you set a timer for the device, of course, it will be unsafe to leave the device on indefinitely and go to sleep, not just for safety reasons but for power consumption rate as well.

Sleek design and Silhouette.

The sleek silhouette which the device is constructed in makes it pleasing as a decorative aesthetic, not only does it have a functional value, it also doubles down as a decorative piece.

Using it in your home will give the environment character, some space heaters just seem out of place when kept in the bedroom, this device is different.


Outlined below are just a few benefits of Portable Heater-


The Portable Heater is super affordable, the average space heater can cost as much as $350 per unit. Portable Heater ranges from about $120- $200 per unit depending on the vendor selling the product.

That to be is very affordable and is a great benefit which this device provides. For the amount of work and functionality which this device provides, you are getting your money’s worth in my opinion.

Easy to use.

The Installation and Operation of the device are very easy, and the buttons on the device are straightforward to understand. The LED display makes setting it up a breeze, and the timer function is also precise.

The on and off switch behind the device is easy to locate, and once you flick it on the LED display comes on and you select the temperature setting you want, if you want to turn it off, all you got to do is flick the switch behind the other way. If it is on a timer, it will turn off on it’s own when the time elapses. It is all straightforward, I promise.

What is the point of owning a device in which you’d need a manual and hours of trial and error or intense training to be able to operate? It’s a NO for me.

Portable Heater is not a hassle to use.


It is easy to carry around which makes it ideal to travel with in a briefcase or luggage. The lightweight design is a gem, especially if you are traveling to an environment that is expected to be cold. You never know what to expect where you are going, so it’s best to be prepared for any situation.

On the counter? In your dresser? On your desk at the office? It is portable and can be kept anywhere, well, It can be kept in most places.

Moderate Power Consumption Rate.

It consumes less power than the average space heater while providing similar power output while heating. This means that compared to other space heaters, you get to save a lot of money on electricity bills especially during the winter when you have to run a space heater to keep warm.

With moderate power consumption, you get to run the device for longer periods, maximizing the heat output and staying cozy.


Weighing less than a pound, this device can be considered ultra lightweight for a space heater. Which makes it super convenient to carry around without breaking a sweat.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most lightweight space heaters available on the market.

Why buy Portable Heater?

Let me paint you a picture, in your workplace, you work at a cubicle, it gets super cold during the winter and the Air Conditioning system at the office just doesn’t cut it. What do you do? Do you dress more “warm” or find a solution that is suitable.

Portable Heater

Dress “warm” can be tricky because it can also clash with your “formal” attire, which is a requirement for most professional workplace, the most convenient and cost effective solution would be to use a space heater that is compact and portable enough to fit in your cubicle without getting in the way of your work.

That is where Portable Heater comes in.


Affordability- The fact that it costs half the price of a regular space heater is an added bonus when considering buying Portable Heater. You get your money’s worth while also saving, or using the extra funds to do something else. The price also makes it an ideal gifting item for family and friends.

Lightweight– It is very light and easy to carry around, you can easily haul it in your person from home to the office conveniently.

Great Features– All the features that the device has is very convenient. From the timer feature which can help you turn off the device in case you fall asleep, to the microbial filter which helps filter the dust in the air. All super cool features that will make it easier to use.

Easy to purchase– Portable Heater can be purchased in a lot of online stores as well as at departmental stores. The official website also offers great discounts on the purchase of multiple units.

Child Friendly– The insulated ceramic exterior makes the device child friendly, I would not advise you to allow kids to play with the device but without your supervision, this feature may help curtail severe burns.

Can be used anywhere– As long as it’s indoor, you can use this device anywhere you want, as long as there is a power outlet to plug it into. As it has a cool silhouette it would make for a great decorative piece.


Copycat Devices– The fact that there are a couple of similar devices on the market, and I mean super identical. Makes it difficult to purchase an original version, and you may end up with a fake. The best way to avoid this would be to purchase from the official website I suppose.

Has to be plugged in directly– It does not have a cord therefore that means you have to use the device with a power cord or an extension cord. This feature is not that great in my opinion.

You have to clean/change the filter– As the device works, over time the filter will accumulate a lot of dust which has to be cleaned, it may have to be changed depending on badly the filter is damaged. That is a hassle for me, necessary but still a hassle.

Not ideal for large spaces– This device is most suitable for small spaces due to the size. To heat up a larger space, you may have to purchase a larger space heater. This is only a con depending on the size of the room you need to heat. There are more ideal space heaters available on the market for larger spaces, I can’t help you on that one though.

Who is it suited for?

You get cold easily when there is a temperature drop and you are constantly in front of a desk or screen all day. The most convenient way to stay warm in this scenario would be to use a space heater like Portable Heater. It’s portable which means it remains inconspicuous while maintaining maximum functionality.

If you want to go camping and you need a heating device that is lightweight to carry and does not involve an open flame.

You travel a lot and would like to carry a space heater along with you to stay warm at all times while you sleep.

What makes Portable Heater different?

Several features make this device very different from other brands on the market, the first being the Price; the price difference between Portable Heater and other similar products is significant, and you are saving as you go.

Portability; this can not be stressed enough, for the amount of heat that this device produces is super impressive.

Compact and Lightweight; The sleek and petite design paired with the fact that it is lightweight gives it an edge over other products available on the market.

Cool design; The design is very different from most space heaters, the silhouette and aesthetic is amazing.


On the official website, Portable Heater costs about $130 per unit. Other Vendors may value it at different prices, but the most you should pay for it should be $200. Nothing more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Heater.

Where to purchase.

You can purchase the device at a departmental store close to you, and if that doesn’t work, you can try Amazon or whichever online store you have a bias towards. The Portable Heater is sort of a popular space heater and should not be that difficult to acquire.

Where to use Portable Heater?

It is best used in a closed space, such as a Tent, an Office, a Cubicle, or a Bedroom. Generally, the device best serves in an environment with four walls across to help the heat circulate adequately.

Using it outdoors would be pointless, unless you put your hand right in front of the device you will not feel the effect. It is a powerful device but not powerful enough to warm up the whole earth.

Is it any good?

In my objective opinion, yes it is. It’s not the best space heater ever invented, but for the value at which it is sold. I would say you are getting a bang for your buck. It comes highly recommended and there are numerous reviews online that prove it.

However, the best way to find out would be through first-hand experience, so why not give it a try?

Is Portable Heater waterproof?

No, no it is not. Not even a bit. Most electrical-powered devices are not waterproof. It is super dangerous to use the device near any form of liquid whatsoever.

It can not be stressed enough, never take any form of liquid close to this device. Or any space heater for that matter. Safety first.


If you are looking to invest in an affordable space heater, then look no further. Portable Heater is the right fit. And as a bonus, the features make it the optimum choice. It has all the specifications you would want from a space heater and then some.

The portable and lightweight aesthetic is state of the art, and the sturdy materials are made giving it the durability you would expect from a good heating device. It is easy to use and does not require much experience to fire it up.

Very convenient for office space, as well as any room in your home. It does not take up much space because it is compact, which makes it an ideal addition to a travel package. Super convenient gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and Christmas.

Portable Heater will meet your heating requirements easily and effectively, it is a good purchase if you decide to pull the trigger on it.

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