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Kitchen Accessories & Dinnerware at Scotts of Stow

Whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting a dinner party for your friends and family, the right kitchen accessories and tableware can make all the difference in the kitchen. And what’s more, you can get everything you need right here. Choose from a range that contains time-saving kitchen electricals, quirky and unique kitchen gadgets.

We bring you this week’s best sellers you won’t want to miss, there’s something for everyone with free delivery on all orders over £75 here at Scotts of Stow with code 14SA.

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NeoChef® 3-in-1 Steam Clean Combi Microwave

Our latest Best Buy combi microwave from NeoChef® features smart looks, multi-functional cooking and a self-cleaning system. As well as a microwave, it’s a fan-assisted convection oven and grill and you can also combine the microwave function with convection or grill. Online Price £229.00

Cera Titanware Copper-Infused Titanium Lidded Frying Pan

Cook all your favourite recipes fat-free without food sticking, in this pan with glass lid. This versatile frying pan is the ultimate in non-stick cookware. It combines a high performance non-stick ceramic with super-hard titanium to create a copper-infused coating that’s scratch resistant. Online Price £29.95

Neostar® Perma-Therm Water Boiler and Dispenser

Neostar® Perma-Therm Water Boiler and DispenserOur innovative Perma-Therm gives you constant boiling water at a fraction of the cost of boiling a kettle. The 680W Perma-Therm Thermo Pot from Neostar® Electronics not only boils water but unlike a kettle it uses a measly 2W continuously to keep it hot all day long. Online Price £69.95

Granite Chopping Board

A granite chopping board is the ultimate work surface for food preparation. This genuine, pure granite chopping board will bring a touch of class to any kitchen work top at an affordable price. Granite is far superior to wooden or plastic surfaces, and is suitable for all kinds of food preparation. Online Price £24.95

Re-Usable Food Covers – Set of 4

Switch to these stretch & cling reusable food covers and ditch non-biodegradable plastic cling film. Super-stretchy, self-adjusting and re-usable, simply place directly onto fresh food, tins, bowls, glasses or containers. The food covers will fit any shape or size container. Online Price £9.95

6-in-1 Bottle Opener

6-in-1 Bottle OpenerOpen all sorts of bottles, jars, containers and even packets with the greatest of ease. This 6-in-1 bottle opener is a fantastic gadget for any home and a must for anyone with limited dexterity. Online Price £12.95

Marble Topped Cheese Board Set

This cheese board set is the perfect presentation platter for fromage fans! The solid marble top will keep your favourite cheeses, butter and quince cool. It won’t absorb odours either and is easy to clean. Online Price £39.95

Electric Gravity Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Electric Gravity Salt and Pepper Mill SetThis salt & pepper mill set is perfect for when you’re cooking and have only one hand free. No buttons to press, just turn the mill upside down and it grinds straight away. Once returned to upright position it stops automatically. Online Price £24.95

Clear Seal Leak Stop

Clear Seal Leak StopIf you suddenly spring a leak or discover a crack there’s no need to call in costly tradesmen. Leaking gutters, roofs, pipes, vents or cracked chimneys and walls can all be fixed in seconds using this amazing invention. Online Price £14.95

Extra Large Utility Towels – Pack of 4

These cotton utility towels are ideal for all those messy household jobs. Clearing spills, drying your hands after gardening and cleaning the dog’s paws. The utility towels are super-absorbent and brightly coloured to hide stains. Made from 100% recycled cotton, they’re eco-friendly too. Online Price £16.95

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